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Funny / The Banner Saga

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  • Tryggvi's dialogue - which makes you very glad that he's with you rather than against you.
  • Ekkil. His response to you stealing his supplies and potentially killing several of his men is to chase after you with his remaining goons..and then compliment you on your skill and beg you to take them along. As prisoners. His perpetual cheerfulness in the face of Rooks ever-growing exasperation is hilarious. But even he is surprised when Rook decides to let them come with them as comrades. The entire rest of the caravan is completely baffled by this and no one is sure who is the more insane of the two.
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  • When Iver wakes up after his near fatal duel with the Bellower, the first thing he has to say is, well...
    Iver: (after seeing everyone gathered around him) If this is the place where you go after you die, then I am very disappointed.

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