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  • Leading a Badass Army to defeat Dredge armies of the same size or larger - especially when you start with a frontal charge.
  • The run to Godstone Hadrborg, the god that created the varl. While each journey to a godstone is normally subdued and normal, in this your traveling is given the backdrop of a giant serpent slithering across the landscape, breaking mountains in half.
  • In the second game your caravan has to run across a several mile-wide chasm as Eyvind levitates rocks and pieces of ground from the bottom of said chasm to form a bridge that your people have to cross before rocks fall back again, as Eyvind can barely hold them. It's a very tense and visually spectacular sequence on it's own, and also an Awesome Moment for Eyvind for pulling this off singlehandedly.
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  • The game is spent running from the dredge onslaught with a large caravan of hundreds of fighters and Varl - a wounded Fasolt manages to make the same journey leading only the few dozen battered survivors of Einartoft after having already been overtaken by the dredge.
  • Bolverk and the Ravens, leading the ramshackle defenders of Old Ford can kill the Sundr Eyeless.
  • Iver loses his arm and potentially [[spoilers:his eye]] and yet he still sees things through to the very end. Strongarm indeed.

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