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Funny / The 39 Steps
aka: The Thirty Nine Steps

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The stage play

  • One of the best laugh lines is two cast members at a train station managing to play nearly a half dozen roles between them, swapping hats for a policeman, train conductor, newspaper peddler and more, swapping hats and accents until Hannay finally snaps "just get on with it!"
  • The police going after Hannay in a plane is represented by an actor in a pilot costume waving a model plane around while making machine gun noises — which Hannay responds to by producing a miniture hand puppet of himself and running away from it!
  • A moment at the end: All 4 actors are on stage, in a scene actually taking place on a stage, when a hand holding a gun appears through the curtains of a theater box by the proscineum, and a shot rings out. One actor stumbles, hit — but then all the actors look at each other quizzically, one of them actually counting how many people are on stage. The actor who was shot then remembers that he has been shot, and falls to the ground.
    "It was only supposed to be a cast of four!!"

Alternative Title(s): The Thirty Nine Steps