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Funny / Tetris: The Grand Master

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  • In Tetris: The Grand Master 3, the rather mellow Sakura mode music overrides all over BGM when two players are present and not playing versus mode. This leads to some hilarious situations for the music to play in, such as the invisible roll in Master mode and the final 300 levels of Shirase mode.
  • If you enjoy schadenfreude: watching a new player unwittingly pick Shirase in TGM 3 and then figuratively soiling their pants about three seconds later. Alternatively, someone challenging a Shirase player to a VS match without understanding that doing so forces the Shirase speed curve on both players, making the resulting match look less like "clear lines to attack your opponent" and more like a desperate struggle to not die.
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  • TGM 3 defines a T-Spin as simply clearing a line with a T-piece with a rotation as its last movement before locking down, rather than the standardized "three of the cells that touch the center block's corners are occupied" check. The game will happily give you the "T-SPIN!!" message even for T-piece line clears that could've been executed without rotating the T at all.

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