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Even in a dystopian underground future, there are few funny moments, even if they're pitch black.

  • When THX 1138 is trying to relieve himself sexually, the device he uses makes him look like he's being molested by a ceiling mounted vacuum cleaner.
  • After his arrest, THX 1138 is subject to "reprogramming." Said reprogramming involves him twitching violently on the floor as his body is forced into increasingly odd positions, while we hear a voice-over from two torture technicians, the senior one plainly bored as he guides a trainee through the procedure.
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  • THX 1138 escapes the prison area accompanied by a hologram performer, and they both steal police cruisers to get away. After a tense period as the hologram actor tries to activate the cruiser, he drives away successfully, and then promptly slams it into a concrete pillar.
  • How does THX 1138 finally escape his pursuers? The police units exceed the budget covering the chase.

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