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  • In the Season Two episode "Working Guy", Floyd made TJ quit his work experience job at an electronics company whose president was impressed with his knowledge. After the episode ends, we have this bit playing over the end credits:
    Paxton: (via video feed) I'm sorry to bother you at home, but I need your help.
    TJ: Alright but make it quick, I have French homework and if my dad finds out, we're both busted.
    Paxton: Just take a look at these compressions, do they work for you?
    Floyd walks in
    Floyd: Hey TJ, I was wondering...(notices Paxton on the TV) What's this?
    TJ: Um...X-Men?
    Paxton: Uh...I'll save you Wolverine! (runs off screen)
    TJ: Not one of their better episodes.
    • Earlier in the same episode after Floyd walks in on a meeting where TJ is working late into the night.
    Floyd: All I see is all of you eating Chinese food and watching TV (referring to Paxton's video feed) And what is this? This guy's terrible! All he does is sit there!
    Paxton: Well, I didn't want to interrupt a father-son moment.
    Floyd: Okay, this is weird.