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  • Sanjuro and his nine sidekicks are spying on where the Chamberlain is being held captive. He moves in for a closer look, only for the others to start trailing behind him, one at a time. What he says in reaction depends on the subtitles, but either way he's not happy.
  • This classic line from Sanjuro towards the lead sidekick Izaka:
    Sanjuro: Are you tired of being stupid yet?
  • A small montage of Sanjuro trying to sleep at the heroes' refuge, and getting repeatedly woken up by the nine sidekicks bustling about the place, slamming the door and shouting excitedly. The scene is transitioned by furious camera wipes. Sanjuro's annoyed expressions each time are just priceless.
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  • After a plan worked, the sidekicks start jumping up and down and cheering loudly. Then they realise their enemies are right next door and continue to cheer a bit more quietly.
  • When Sanjuro and the others are spying on Kikui's guards carrying the palanquins, the sidekicks decide they should move in and attack. Sanjuro warns that this may be a bad idea, but the sidekicks decide to move in closer anyway. The look on Sanjuro's face just sells the scene.
  • The Running Gag of the prisoner coming out to give helpful advice before retreating back into his prison again.
  • As Sanjuro, the sidekicks and Mutsuta's wife and daughter are escaping, the wife and daughter complain about not being over to get onto the wall, as though their situation isn't very urgent at all. Sanjuro is understandably flustered by this.
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  • As a signal to action, Sanjuro is to send camelias floating down a stream. But he's caught in the act, and along with the sight of the gruff Sanjuro standing there silly with an armload of flowers, when the villains ask what the hell he's doing:
    Sanjuro: I... [awkward pause] like camelias.

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