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  • The argument over the name of the Warthog, before RWBY eventually just settled on "Chupathingy."
  • The girls watching Episode 28.5. The general insanity of that one is pretty funny itself. Watching the girls go from happy cheering to just about wetting themselves with terror as it becomes more and more deranged only adds to it.
  • Grimm cupcakes, while gross are actually moist and delicious. The secret is eye goo mixed into the batter.
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  • Weiss constantly repeats the line "Of All Time" repeatedly, despite saying she dosen't know why multiple times. When Wash says the line she silently leaves the room, goes to the forest and vents. A freak snowstorm was reported later that day.
  • The girl's collective reaction to Church's horrific aiming with a Magnum.
  • A guy who suspiciously looks like York asking Team JNPR to perform something to propose to his girlfriend - "Come On Carolina".
  • Ruby and Yang finally realize Church sounds like their father.


Red vs. Blue Reaction

  • When they find out that Church is a worse sniper than Ruby (a 15 year old girl), they laugh about this fact, stating that he is a worse shot in the future.

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