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    The Jackies 
These guys are MADE of funny; even the fact that they have their own section is hilarious.

  • When the group is running through Shuto's school to get away and a kid accidentally kicks a soccer ball in their direction. One bumps it off his head. Next thing you know, they're playing the field, even managing to get a goal.
  • Nonverbal Miscommunication Up to Eleven here
    • Right after, Shuto's sent out of the classroom holding buckets of water as a punishment for disrupting class. In the next panel, they inexplicably appear right next to him, doing the same thing. Two second later, Suto's Bound and Gagged, being carted off to Jackal headquarters.
    Shuto: Not this again!
  • When the Jackies first pull Shuto out of the Bag of Kidnapping, he has a slightly surprised expression on his face (as well as a strip of tape over his mouth), while one Jackie has a pair of reindeer antlers on his head and the other has a Santa hat and beard!
  • When a Jacky is cornered by a self-aware android who's determined to turn him in for the reward money and is armed to the teeth, what does he use to defend himself? An incredibly long turnip.
  • In chapter 23, when Mirea is getting ready for her date with Shuto, Crea and the Jacky's offer advice in what she should wear. The Jacky's offer her a Jacky outfit.
  • In Chapter 6 a Jacky texts Mirea that Shuto looks sad....then texts her a minute later saying he sucks at the game he's playing


  • Shuto's induction into Jackal. After being tricked into signing the contract and transforming for the first time, Crea changes her introduction from before to welcome Shuto into Jackal, and offers him a celebratory toast.
    Crea: Congradulations! Now welcome to the criminal organization, Jackal!
    Crea pours Shuto a glass of wine.
    Ratman!Shuto: Oh, thanks. But I'm too young to drink.
    Crea: It's ok, we're an evil organization after all.
    Shuto!Ratman: Oh, ok. Wait—WHAT?
  • Crea and the Jackies nonchalantly pulling up a mirror to show Shuto that they turned him into a super-villain rather than a superhero, as well as his exasperation with himself upon not noticing the resemblance between Crea and Mirea.
  • In Episode 14, the APPEND GEAR is glitching and Shuto transformed into a short Ratman. Crea and the Jackies laughed uncontrollably at his expense.
  • In Fatman's first appearance, while Shuto is patrolling the city as Ratman he runs out of strength and falls out of the air. Fatman's dives in to save him, but missed the catch and thinking that he died tried to drive off.
  • In Episode 33, Taishi shows Shuto, Shiki, and Kanta his new fashion, tight clothing.
  • Episode 36, two minor heroes sponsored by restaurants on the beach get into a bit of a spat, and start having a beach ball game to settle it. And then Ankaiser shows up saying that it's against Heroes Association regulations to use their powers in a non combative situation when there are civilians everywhere—only to get hit in the face with the volleyball.
  • In Episode 39, Van Guardner, who is usually The Stoic, suddenly does a Spit Take when Ankaiser publicly challenges Ratman to a fight.

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