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  • Bro. Just his entire conversation with Rose had me rolling on the floor.
  • Also, "Kanaya: Get Down With Your Bad Self". It's the little things that count.
  • Vriska's Sexy Sex Tips For Having Sexy Sex. She somehow managed to Blingee a spiral notebook.
  • The Twilight shout out where Karkat and Kanaya confess their pale love.
  • Feferi maces Doc Scratch.
  • Eridan's magical girl-esque powerup into March Eridan.
  • Kanaya apparently once infected everyone susceptible with tonsillitis before a field trip, because Jade was sick and "I Held The View That If One Of Us Could Not See A Bonobo Then None Of Us Should See A Bonobo". To which Rose responds, "Maryam, you are a happiness communist".
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  • Dave ironically names a Shale Imp "When The Imp's In The Crib".

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