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Funny / Our Two Bedroom Story

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  • In one route, we get this gem from Kaoru and Shusei:
    Kaoru: How far did it go?
    MC: The Fifth—
    Kaoru: Fifth base!?
    MC: The Fifth Amendment says I don’t have to answer that!
  • And this in Kaoru's route:
    Minato: What; did Kirishima finally make a move on you?
    Kaoru: PFFFT!
    Akiyoshi: Hey! Don't spit out your coffee,Kaoru!
    Minato: Sorry, I didn't think it'd fluster him that much.
    Chiaki: I've never seen him like this.
    MC: Um, I need to leave for my interview now!
    Shusei: Ah, she ran away!
    Minato: Don't worry. We'll get the truth out of Kirishima.
    Kaoru: Oops, I have to leave for an interview now, too!