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Funny / Operation: V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E.

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  • The Toiletnator being the Warm-Up Boss. Given the fact that he's a Harmless Villain who could never catch a break in the game's source material, it's hilariously fitting that he serves as the boss of the tutorial level.
  • Knightbrace's frustration at Numbuh Three learning how to stop his Bug-Brite toothpaste scheme from the fireflies.
    Knightbrace: How could such tiny bugs have such big mouths?
  • Numbuh Four's incredulous ire at the Toiletnator's poorly-conceived revenge scheme, especially when he calls him out on the ridiculousness of having sentient toilet paper as his henchmen.
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  • Father's reaction to seeing the Toiletnator among the captured villains.
    Father: What's the Toiletnator doing here? He'll ruin everything!

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