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Funny / Murderer's Row

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  • Part 14. "Doc, if you are ignoring this call I will rip your teeth out through your ass."
  • Part 20.
    Caboose: Well, Church isn't a very warm and fuzzy man. He is more like a pack of icecubes... very angry icecubes... but that is good in a different way!
    Donut: How is a pack of bad-tempered icecubes good in any way?
    Caboose: Well... icepacks are good sometimes. Like when someone kicks someone else in the crotch. ...I don't think Church should be put on someones' crotch, though. That would just be weird.
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  • Part 38. The mention of an escape O'Malley made when he was taken to a hospital. He was stopped from doing any damage, killing anyone or escaping properly... because he stumbled into the children's wing and got distracted by a kaleidoscope.
  • Part 92. "Tractor!"

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