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Awesome / Murderer's Row

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  • Donut stopping O'Malley from raping him despite literally not being able to move his limbs. The end result is O'Malley's tongue being in two pieces.
  • The Row coming together to protect Donut and to enforce on O'Malley that if he causes any more problems, that it'll be the last thing he ever does, enforcing that he has no more backup and no chance of pulling off anything else, if the Row decides on it.
    "We’re sick of riots. We’re sick of fighting. And we’re sick of you. If there’s a truce… it’s because we said so."
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  • Doc finally having enough of O'Malley's abuse, and killing him in a way that would be merciful for anyone else—drugging them and leaving them to die a peaceful death—but which Doc knows is O'Malley's worst nightmare.
    Doc: This… (the murder) This was for Wash. But this? (gestures at the pills) Having you go quietly? Peacefully? That's for me.”

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