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Heartwarming / Murderer's Row

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  • Church's attempt to comfort Tucker about not being able to see Junior's pictures anymore by guiding Tucker's hand to each picture and telling him what it's of.
    Church: This one... this one has you, Junior and... I think that's the dad... in front of a house. Real cosy-like.
    Tucker: I remember that one...
    Church: You remember all of them, don't you?
    Tucker: Yeah. I do.
    Church: Then you don't have to see them to look at them.
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  • Simmons getting oreos to cheer Grif up is adorable. Also doubles as a Funny Moment when the author admitted that people expected Simmons to propose during that scene.
  • Although it also qualifies as an awesome moment, the remaining members of the Row come together to protect Donut after the riot and enforce on O'Malley that if he tries to do his usual plans, that the Row will make sure it is the last thing he ever does, before all yelling at Donut for seeking out O'Malley on his own and putting himself in danger. It's the first moment of true solidarity the Row shows.

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