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Funny / Monstress

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  • One of the main characters is a talking cat named Ren who is fond of spouting philosophical quotes, prefaced with "To quote the poets..." His words of wisdom at the end of one chapter?

    Ren: To quote the poets...We're fucked

  • On the last page of most issues is an in-universe lore excerpt delivered by a scholarly cat known as the "esteemed Professor Tam Tam".
    • The lecture excerpt for Chapter Four is accompanied by Tam Tam, wearing an apron and chef's hat and dipping rats in melted chocolate.

  • In yet another instance where cats provide comic relief, an otherwise dire situation involves Maika ambushed by a large group of elite soldiers. Said soldiers are led by a self-serious, grizzled old feline warrior who out-of-universe looks hilariously over the top with his dual katana swords, long white beard, scars and an eye-patch to boot.