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Warning! In accordance with Wiki policy, all spoilers for moments pages will be unmarked.

MHA: World's Finest
  • Chapter 10: Batman pulls off a Stealth Hi/Bye that Sorahiko admits is impressive.
    She turned around to look into the room again. “I assume that we’re-”
    He was gone.
    She blinked staring at her living room, which was absent one very large, very dark, broody, rude and annoying pointy eared bat… with a window that was fucking closed!
    “BULLSHIT!” She shouted, making Sorahiko jump where he sat. He’d had his head laying on the seat-rest, eyes closed as he kept his sore feet propped up on her coffee table.
    He looked at the empty, closed room. “Alright. I will say that’s actually pretty impressive.”
    Still glaring at the spot where the Bat previously was, Nana snapped an accusing finger at Sorahiko, “DON’T YOU FUCKING ENCOURAGE HIM!”

MHA: Triumvirate Knights

  • Chapter 6: Toshinori, while heading up to his office heard Nighteye raising his voice. Then...
    Yagi moved to puff up to his “Mighty” form when he heard the voice replying.
    “Isn’t that ironic…”
    And instantly he felt himself nearly shrivel, the breath wheezing out of his lungs.
    He recognized that voice.
    Oh god!
    He had to save Nighteye!
  • Interlude: Nana Wayne: Even after all these years, Bruce can still tick off his wife by doing a Stealth Hi/Bye.
    The name didn’t ring a single bell for Nana, but that was expected. She turned to Bruce, ready to get his reaction.
    And he wasn’t there.
    She blinked, staring at the empty stool.
    It had been years since he pulled this crap on her..
    And now she remembered why her husband could simultaneously be the love of her life and the absolute most infuriating ass on the planet! ANY PLANET!
    • Even funnier?
      She turned, ready to pay the check (and damn if she wasn’t going to hold it over Bruce’s head that he left his loving wife to foot the bill again in this place.)
      Only to see exact change resting on the countertop slightly to the right of her seat placed exactly at her blindspot.

      She was gonna punch him.
      Really really hard.
  • Chapter 20: Toshinori reveals that he has been taught the art of the Stealth Hi/Bye by Bruce. He makes his sidekicks aware of his presence just as Sir Nighteye voices his opinion that All Might is being hasty in choosing a successor.
    “It is still my decision Sir.”
    How, seven feet and three hundred pounds of muscle could be ‘sneaky’ no one in that room could say.
    And anyone who said Mirko ‘eeped’ in shock and fright was a lying liar who lies
    Perhaps he’d learned quite a bit more from the Batman than he let on.


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