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  • In the Snow White chapter, Ludwig deciding to marry Blanche - despite her currently being dead - because nobody had simply told him previously that the princess was a "pretty girl with a huge rack".
  • In the Sleeping Beauty chapter, Ludwig revealing Dorothea as not being an "old hag" by revealing her big breasts. Bonus point for him mentioning that his "sensor for big breasts" is still working.
    • Same chapter, Dorothea's reaction to being bound and whipped by Ludwig... and demanding more...!
  • In Bluebeard, Ludwig turning towards Amalie, wondering whether he should think about One True Love himself and perhaps ready to embrace Amalie properly... only for her to get shot. But she survives due to the Power of Love, or rather, her breast-enhancing pillows having taken the blow and slipping out.
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  • In the Rapunzel chapter, what makes Ludwig remember Dorothea are her huge breasts and moving aside to let her fall.
  • Dorothea, in general. She's an absolute masochist who is happy whenever Ludwig is willing to whip her, cause her pain - be it physical one or the emotional kind at the potential prospect of him marrying another woman.
  • In the Cinderella chapters, the two stepsisters responding to the narration about how, in the original story, the sisters chopped off their big toe and heel respectively to fit into Cinderella's shoe. They actually complain how disgusting it is, but seeing as in this version Cinderella has rather large feet instead of tiny ones, they don't have to do that.
  • The princes in the stories in general can be a good laugh in themselves.
    • Prince Christo from the Goosegirl story is a total Otaku.
    • Prince Balduin from Cinderella is asexual, more interested in his collection of exotic animals that includes lizards, alligators and snakes, and is actually somewhat scared of women (due to his very dominant mother).
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    • Prince Sylvio from Rapunzel is a complete tease towards the girl he likes and was apparently rather hung up on following his mommy's orders.
  • Despite being overall very serious and dark, Hänsel & Gretel has a funny moment when Gretel, starving from lack of food and water, has a very rational thought when Hänsel says there's a gingerbread house in the forest.
    Gretel: A gingerbread house? Here, in the middle of the forest? Wouldn't it be overrun with ants?
  • The first few pages of Cendrillon give us Ludwig's reaction to learning that a landslide will mean his return home is delayed for a few days and they'll just have to wait.
    Ludwig: I'm a man who hates 'waiting' as much as pineapple in my sweet 'n' sour pork!

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