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  • The revelation that Simon the Star Trek fan and wizard has a familiar made to resemble a tribble.
    • Before that, there's a page of explanations on how many modern magicians chose to ape science-fiction rather than fantasy- in some cases making wands out of metal and calling them "sonic screwdrivers."
  • Collingswood has a lot of funny moments. Her scoffing reaction to Baron calling the Chaos Nazis "toerags", and off-the-cuff litany of far more original foul-mouthed derogatory terms for them, is typical.
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  • Marge buys a knacked MP3 player to protect herself, and feeds it playlists. When she activates it, she doesn't hear the actual music, just the sound of the minor entity inhabiting the device singing along to it ... and it's a terrible singer.

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