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Funny / Hector: Badge of Carnage

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  • "Have an absolutely super day!" "BITE ME."
  • A news article on Hectors wall, "HECTOR SAVES ORPHANAGE, ORPHANS NOT SO LUCKY".
  • Based on screenshots from episode 2, Hector manages to deflect the Terrorist's sniper bullets with a pizza box.
    • Not quite.
  • Hector's epic rant upon obtaining the Midget's laptop.
  • Lambert, post Filthy Rich's "Tunnel of Sweet Love."
    Hector: And that, Lambert, is where babies come from.
  • The culmination of your very first major puzzle section: Hector drives off in an extremely shabby car missing several wheels, while the street youth he had used to charge it is still stuck under the bonnet, being dragged along for the ride.

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