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Funny / Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

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  • From Episode 2, during the second training exercise:
    (Epic music swells)
    Lasky (grinning excitedly): Okay... (beat) Everybody, take off your helmets!
    (Music abruptly stops as everyone in Lasky's squad turns their head, stunned)
    (The voices heard in the squad go from utter confusion, immediately switching to those of annoyance and "That's stupid!")
  • From Part 4. Notable for how horrifying the events around it are.
    John-117: We've got fifteen minutes to get to the evac point. Armor up.
    Sully: (about the armor locker) It's locked.
    * Beat*
    John-117: *punches the door down*
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  • Also from Part 4.
    John-117: Who's the best shot here?
    Sully: You, probably.
  • When the pre-invasion power outages start happening, Sully (who brings the Covenant to Hastati's attention when he hacks an ONI transmission) is less concerned with the power going out and more concerned that Dima may have told her mom. Granted her mom works with ONI and could have very well had Sully arrested but it's still funny.

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