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  • Lexy's unashamed attitude when she's able to get Jack to help her. Totally smug, yet still funny.
    Jack: Oh, man. How can someone so selfish make me feel so guilty?
    Lexy: It's a gift.
  • The comparison Jen makes when she has to explain to Lexy that Jack likes her.
    Jen: (to Lexy) Get a clue. He likes you. That's why he treats you like a reject from the outlet mall.
  • Jack comparing Lexy's journalistic style to that of a gossip columnist.
    Jack: Yeah. Hedda Hopper had nothing on you.
    Lexy: Hedda who?
    Jack: You call yourself a writer. You should know. She was the most famous gossip columnist ever.
    Lexy: I am not a gossip columnist. I give advice. The article in the Daily Examiner is a human interest piece.
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  • Jen's utter refusal to go anywhere near Brooklyn.
    Jen: Brooklyn? I am not schlepping out to Brooklyn.
    Lexy: Jennifer, a good spy does not question her assignment.
    Jen: So what? I'm not a good spy. I'll live.

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