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  • VIN wanting to go to the carpool lane, without really knowing what it is. When he gets there, he's disappointed.
  • When Layne asks Zora why she's vice president of her school instead of making her president, as she could since she's home schooled, Zora claims that it's too much work.
  • Layne telling her aunt that she's going to the library, only for Mel to point out that the library's closed on Sundays.
  • VIN messing with Jasper when Layne was pretending to work for Scamper, and Jasper needed a ride.
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  • VIN asking Layne how she was made. Layne just decides to go with the story that her parents created her.
  • Vin driving with a sheet over him so that the villains don't recognize him. However, this makes it so VIN can't see and Zora can't look through the windshield (as that's covered too), so Zora has to stick her head out of the window to tell VIN where to go.

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