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Heartwarming / Fast Layne

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  • In Mile 2, Layne refuses to give VIN up when the villains enter VIN.
    • Also, she said that she'd miss VIN if they don't repair him.
    • Earlier, VIN said that he had fun hanging with them.
    • Also, VIN messing with Jasper after learning that he was mean to both Layne and Zora.
  • In Mile 3, Vin apologizing for ruining Layne’s movie night, saying that he just wants to help his sister. Layne forgives him easily.
    • Vin’s excitement of being Layne’s brother.
  • In mile 4, VIN finds out that He’s a rescue vehicle, and he says it makes sense because he likes helping people.
    • Also, VIN finding a way to escape his tire clamp when he finds out that Zora and Mel are in danger.
  • Layne calling Zora her best friend in Mile 5. Doubles as a tearjerker when VIN says that he thought he was Layne’s best friend.
    • Also, Layne apologizes for making VIN feel left out.
    • Also, VIN saying that the “tritastic trio” is starting to grow on him, when he was previously jealous of Zora.
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    • When Mel says that he owes Cody, Cody refuses. However, when Mel insults Layne, he makes Mel work.
  • Layne calling VIN her brother. It meant so much to VIN that he called it the best day of his life, which considering he was going to be discomissioned if they got caught,shows how much that meant to him.
  • Layne's parents saying that VIN is part of the "Reed family nest", and refusing to allow him to leave when he was about to go to protect Layne.

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