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Funny / Dengeki Daisy

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  • Whenever Teru says "Go bald, Kurosaki!" and especially when she pulls his hair out comically at one point, causing Kurosaki to freak.
  • When Teru shows her navel at Kurosaki, causing him to chase her around angrily.
  • When the Student Council President thought Kurosaki was asking her out. DENIED!
  • Kurosaki/Daisy's text to Teru when she is upset over someone stealing her first kiss in Chapter 32. He tries to cheer her up and tells her he's not bothered by it, only to reveal he is bothered by it and wants to kiss her to make her forget about it, only to say he's just kidding. Needless it say, it freaks out both Teru and Kurosaki (who can't believe he just sent such a text, as Daisy, no less).
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  • When Teru stuffs tissue in her nostrils so that she doesn't get nosebleeds while taking tests. It's her serious, not-trying-to-be-funny expression that actually makes it so funny.


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