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  • The fortune cookie minigame can produce quite a few choice nuggets of wisdom. Such as the bathroom habits of ancient Romans, and his reactions to them are a sgiht to behold.
  • Everything about Amanda's introduction scene. Bonus points for catching a mouse in your mouth if you bungle the QTE.
  • One of the Extra Cases involves Kaysen shoving a stack of pizza in his mouth and David piling a foot-tall mountain of cracker crumbs over his bowl while discussing "clam chowdah" in their incredibly thick Boston accents.
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  • An extra case with Kaysen has David cut his hot dog in half, attach each one to a fork, and pretend to play footsies with a piece of broccoli.
  • Phillip pausing in his first conversation with David to get high is hilarious for how unexpected and surreal a moment it is.
    • When Deborah has enough of the squeaky window, she loudly complains to Phillip that she will sue. He winds back as if to hit her, then takes a hit of his inhaler instead. With a passenger like her, who could blame him?
  • In the middle of beating the tar out of Zapatero, David gets hit in the crotch with an audible ring, and he has to stop hitting Zapatero to sit it off, while they both fling insults at each other as they both writhe in pain.
    • Then there's the impromptu baseball sequence. With David using Sukey the mannequin's leg as a bat (and Duncan freaking out in the background).
  • In the second episode, you come across a PDA with a quiz program, which has numerous funny moments.
    • The three difficulty levels are Master, Geek, and Cult.
    • One of the questions asks how much water is used in flushing an airport toilet. If you respond with "they just dump it out of the plane", the program responds "you have got to be kidding me".
    • Another question asks who was the first to complete a solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. You can respond "Me! Me! It was me!"
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    • If you pass all three quizzes, the quiz man rips his shirt and congratulates you.
  • "Helping" Duncan to come up with his own Catchphrase, because it's incredibly easy to get right but as usual they recorded every wrong combination anyway. It's David's delivery and Duncan's reaction that do it:
    David: A-a-alwaaaays Corn!
    Duncan: Silence, you caveman!

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