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Funny / Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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  • The entire prologue.
  • Spike and Jet's little dialogue about deja-vu and instant noodles.
  • Faye comes back to the ship after witnessing the bomb that went off in the city. When the news state that the virus could be contagious, the crew start backing away from her. She takes offense and starts chasing them.
  • The ISSP agents investigating the explosion and visiting a hospital. When going over the symptoms, one of them sneezes, causing his partner and the doctor they were talking to to freeze up. He awkwardly assures them it's just hay fever.
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  • A bit of dark humor when Vincent and Lee Sampson are heading to a warehouse to pick up some more bombs. Lee, busy playing his games while talking to him, gets a game over, commenting "Aw, I'm dead". Then they run into a police officer just patrolling the area whom Vincent promptly shoots. Lee, not even put off by this, comments "Aw, he's dead".
  • Faye manages to re-track Lee at an arcade while he's playing a game. She tries to intimidate him by shooting the arcade screen, but Lee turns out to be more angry that she ruined his game and the chance to meet "Sporky Donkey". He then hacks the lights of the room and runs off, much to her annoyance.
  • Spike attempts to infiltrate the Pharmaceutical Company, first by taking an unfortunate janitor's truck then putting on an outfit. He barely gets inside before Elektra exposes him. Of course he takes it in stride when found out and is even impressed by her fighting ability.
    Spike: I love a woman who can kick my ass.
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  • Ed and Ein going on the lookout for Lee via the hat Faye managed to grab off him. The first two attempts had an elderly man scaring them off with a shotgun and a man in drag who was expecting...someone else. When he finds out Ed's a girl, he angrily tells her to scram, stating Ed gonna ruin his reputation. Eventually they find Lee and phone Faye, who tells them to wait. Of course Ed, having the memory span of a housefly, runs off when she sees some kids doing some early trick or treating.
  • Jet, who's been wondering where Spike and Faye have been, tries angrily asking them where they've been when they finally turn up. However, they're in too much of a rush to really answer him.
  • The ISSP and the army thinking they've found Vincent's bomb and the agent and general pushing at each other to get the information...only to find out it's just a simple balloon and they've both been had.
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  • After getting the antidote for the virus, Jet rushes to an airstrip to get them to spray it over the city. However, all the more advanced ships are rented out and the only thing they have are old, old aircraft - bi-planes, prop-job monowings, and a handful of ancient jets - a few of which barely get off the ground (a couple of them break down not long after taking off though the pilots managed to eject). What's more, one of which is driven by Antonio, Carlos, and Jobim, the three old guys who appear frequently though the series.
    Old man: Heh, well what'dya know? They actually got off the ground.
    Jet: What?!
    Old man: Oh, these planes are from our "History of Flight" exhibit. Most of these things haven't been flown in decades!
    Jet: WHAAAT?!

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