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  • Capt. Sullivan is about to chew out Corcoran for causing a massive scandal when he leaks the sordid secrets of a clergyman to a newspaper. However, before he can get started the Morehouses walk in to congratulate him on a splendid investigation and to assure him that they and all the church elders are fully backing the police and disavowing the disgraced bishop. The captain is so surprised and confused by this that he almost forgets his uniform jacket as he goes out to give a statement to the assembled reporters.
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  • Capt: Sullivan: You're a lucky woman
    Elizabeth: All widows are. (While meant to be funny, this was Truth in Television in a lot of ways. A woman could inherit her husbands estate, but was never pressured to remarry. Widows often had all the benefits of being single and being married at the same time.)
  • Andrew goes to the dentist to get a bad tooth removed. The dentist gives him ether and then decided to take a whiff himself. Both men are falling over laughing so the dentist calls his wife in to do the procedure instead. She quickly pulls the tooth but it turns out to be the wrong tooth.
  • The poisoned fruitcake murder moves from tragedy to farce in near-record time. Round and round it goes ...
    • It gets a second moment when Kevin and Andrew try to explain what happened to Francis. They are quite drunk at the time and when they are done Francis needs a drink himself.
    • For those who missed the fun: The dentist (who regularly cheats on his wife) dies from a poisoned fruit cake he got as payment from the landlord. The landlord (who doesn't like fruitcake) got the fruitcake from the butcher upstairs as rent payment. The butcher put the fruitcake in a box from "the best bakery in town" to hide that the fruitcake was a gift from his long-term lover, the dentist's wife, and didn't know that the dentist had poisoned it to kill the butcher and frame his wife. The coppers have to write it up as a suicide.

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