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Funny / Cheating At Pai Sho

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  • Sokka's drama, such as when he fails to get Appa to fly.

  • Zuko has three years practice ignoring his uncle. Said uncle has three years practice in not being ignored.

  • The Water Tribe duo manage to get Appa to fly. "Sokka clutched the side of the saddle and screamed, at a situationally appropriate volume."

  • Zuko wakes up Aang. Anng tries to wave him off. Zuko just reaches in and grab him. Aang overreacts, leading to Zuko being blown into walls, wrapped in a blanket and chasing Aang over the ship.

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  • When Zuko is chasing Aang around the ship, it is mentioned that the crew is dodging out of the way. Iroh, on the other hand, is just calmly drinking his tea and watching.

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