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  • Michael's Insistent Terminology to Caddy as she calls him "Darling" every time she has a driving lesson with him.
    Michael: Don't call me darling, I'm a driving instructor!
    • Needless to say, this doesn't work and Caddy/Michael end up together by the book's end.
  • Saffy demonstrating her mastery of Deadpan Snarker—even in writing!
    • In this passage:
    Then she (Rose) looked at me very hard and added, "You and Oscar didn't catch it."
    No, we didn't.
    "I suppose," went on Rose, continuing her very hard stare although it was getting no response from me, "you and Oscar didn't eat the stuff that fell on the floor..."
    True. We refrained from that temptation.
    "... Or..." Rose paused, and she was just about to go one deduction too far and get herself into trouble when she was saved by the arrival of Eve.

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