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  • Pretty much whenever Kevin and Lillian argue.
    • Also Goombella and Waffles.
  • This gem from Waffles:
    Waffles: "It's like some kind of ancient, evil demon, come back from the dead to do away with us and take over the world!"
    Koops: "Uh, Waffles...that's exactly what it is."
    Waffles: "Really?" (Beat) "...OH SNAP!"
    • Can we just give credit to Waffles in general?
    Waffles: (to the Shadow Queen) "Sounds to me like you're making up excuses to not have to fight us."
  • During the Four Heroes arc, one scene used to lampshade Goombertha's role as the Only Sane Woman culminates with Aaron walking into the inn covered with feathers.

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