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    "To Make Much of Time" 
  • When the Doctor is leaving Reinette for the last time at the end of "Girl in the Fireplace," the TARDIS herself joins in on dissing the Doctor's style of piloting and preferring Rose by throwing a mental Howler at the Doctor.
  • In "Rise of the Cybermen," in between the Doctor and Rose watching the limo pulling up to the Tyler house for Jackie's birthday party, and them joining the wait staff, Rose regrets that they can't take a trip back to the TARDIS so she can wear a slinky red dress.
    Rose Tyler: Oh, I wish we had time to go back to the TARDIS and change. There’s a gorgeous red dress in there I’ve been dying to wear, and this would be the perfect chance.
    The Doctor: Yep. Too bad there’s no time. [nodding towards the catering van] Tell you what though, I bet they have extra uniforms, in case of accidents.
    • While the Doctor is in the kitchen staff trying to learn tidbits about this parallel world from Lucy (the waitress who tells him about the President of Great Britain), he briefly muses about whether or not Walt Disney still exists here.
    • Which leads to a Brick Joke when pre-"The Idiot's Lantern," he suggests to Rose that they go to Disneyland's opening day in 1955, but Rose insists they go to the Elvis concert since their attempt to see Ian Dury ended up in them meeting Queen Victoria instead.
  • The last part of "Love & Monsters" for the Doctor and Rose is the Cold Opening from the episode, of Elton encountering the Doctor and Rose battling a Hoix in a Woolwich warehouse. Here, we see how they got there: they are intending to go to Barcelona (the planet) for a romantic getaway and the Doctor can properly make love to her. Instead, the TARDIS has a mind of its own and dumps them in Woolwich. This was right after the Doctor had agreed to let Rose pilot the TARDIS, which she manages to execute a perfect landing in.
    Rose Tyler: I did it! [The Doctor caught her in his arms and pressed a hard kiss to her lips]
    The Doctor: You did. [A few seconds later, they felt a gentle thud] Was that it? Why’d she land so lightly for you?
    Rose Tyler: [grins] Maybe because I’ve never performed percussive maintenance on her. [The TARDIS hummed in agreement, drawing a laugh from Rose and a huff of exasperation from the Doctor]
    The Doctor: [to the console] Well I wouldn’t have to, if you’d just do what I ask...[Rose rolled her eyes, but neither she nor the TARDIS commented]
    • Rose is the first out and thus realizes before the Doctor can exit that they're not on Barcelona:
    The Doctor: [laughing] I don’t think the old girl approves of these activities in her console room...
    • The Doctor had had this whole seduction plan lined up for Rose. Only for it all to go by the wayside because it hitting him only just now that it doesn't always have to be fancy. Sometimes it's just a woman who's waited long enough dropping her clothes to the TARDIS grating.
    The Doctor: And besides, we have reservations at the most exclusive resort on Barcelona. [He shot Rose a smouldering look] I believe you, Rose Tyler, promised to put that sundress back on.
    [But after that snog, Rose had no intention of waiting any longer—even if it was just an hour while they packed and checked into a hotel. She shook her head slightly and started walking backward toward the corridor, keeping eye contact with the Doctor. With his tie undone and his dark blue shirt unbuttoned halfway down his chest, he looked deliciously rumpled. Rose smiled, then reached for their bond and touched a spot in his mind she’d discovered got a particularly strong reaction as she finished unbuttoning her own shirt. His eyes darkened, and he rocked forward as if to reach for her, but then dropped his hand back to his side]
    The Doctor: Rose?
    [Her name came out as a croak, and she took off the jacket and shirt in one move]
    Rose Tyler: [telepathically] Take us into the Vortex, Doctor, and then take me to bed. [He moved jerkily to do her bidding, but she could still feel his confusion]
    The Doctor: Barcelona…
    Rose Tyler: Will wait. I don’t need a fancy hotel or flowers every morning. I just need you. [The time rotor chugged up and down, and Rose dropped her clothes to the grating] Take me to your room and make love to me.
    [Her explicit request broke through the last of his reserve. Before Rose could even blink, he had her in his arms and was carrying her down the corridor]
    Rose Tyler: [out loud] How’d you move so quickly?
    [Rose slid a hand under his shirt, enjoying the shudder she felt run through him]
    Rose Tyler: Any other Time Lord tricks I should know about? [The look he gave her was pure sin]
  • During their getaway to Barcelona, the Doctor and Rose go on a hiking trip. Their tour guide is constantly misidentifying plants along the way, and by the third time, the Doctor essentially takes over the group and becomes their new guide.
  • The Doctor and Rose's discussion of how they'll break the news to Jackie that Rose is for all intents and purposes immortal. It turns out he did catch Jackie asking Rose if there were more things he had two of than just his hearts when he was out from post-regeneration sickness during the Sycorax invasion.
    The Doctor: So, what are you going to tell your mum?
    Rose Tyler: It was actually the thought that I should tell her about my longer life that made me realise… I don’t think she’ll be happy though; she already hates that there’s more time between our visits for me than there is for her.
    The Doctor: You’ll have to tell her eventually, though. I think she’ll figure it out in ten years, when you still haven’t aged a day.
    Rose Tyler: Yeah, I know. [Rose pushed her risotto around her plate with her fork] An’ she’d be more upset later if she found out I’d kept it from her. [The Doctor nodded; that had been his conclusion as well]
    The Doctor: And…[He ran his finger around the rim of his wine glass] What about us? [Rose grinned and took a sip of her wine]
    Rose Tyler: Oh, I was already gonna tell her about the bond on our next visit. Now I’ve really got to.”
    The Doctor: You were? [That wasn’t what he’d expected. He knew she’d tell Jackie they were together, or committed, or however she wanted to phrase it, but this kind of full acceptance of their bond, the pride he could feel from her as she thought about explaining it to her mother.]
    Rose Tyler: [nods] Yep. Imagine if we showed up one day, already married, and she didn’t even know we’d been engaged. [She bit her lip, and he could see the teasing smile she was trying to hide] She’ll be upset enough over not being able to plan a human wedding for us. [The Doctor’s eyes widened]
    The Doctor: [dramatically] She’s going to kill me. She’ll find some way to make it so I don’t regenerate, and she’ll kill me.
    Rose Tyler: [rolls her eyes] No, she won’t. She was glad we were going on a real date, remember?
    [The Doctor shook his head, enjoying the feeling of Rose’s mirth bubbling over their bond]
    The Doctor: Dating is one thing. Marrying you in some kind of weird alien ritual—don’t you laugh, Rose Tyler, you know that’s what she’ll say.
    Rose Tyler: She might not.
    The Doctor: I bet you ten quid she does.
    Rose Tyler: [giggles] Yeah, no way am I taking that bet.
    The Doctor: Ah! [The Doctor pointed his fork at Rose] So you admit it then!
    Rose Tyler: It’s… possible...that Mum might say something like that.
    The Doctor: [snorts] "It’s possible," she says, as if this wasn’t the same woman who wondered if I had two sex organs. [He smirked when Rose turned red] I caught a few things here and there while I was out.
    Rose Tyler: And one of the things you caught was my mum wondering what else you had two of? [He remembered the other thing he’d heard, and reached across the table for Rose’s hand]
    The Doctor: That, and you asking for my help. So only the important things.
    Rose Tyler: So yeah, Mum’ll probably make some kind of comment, but you know it doesn’t matter, right?
    The Doctor: It doesn’t?
    Rose Tyler: Nope. The only Tyler who needs to approve of Time Lord marriage rituals or...[her eyes glittered with laughter]...their sex organs is me.
    The Doctor: And… and do you?
    Rose Tyler: Yeah. I do. [beat]
    Rose Tyler: Doctor!

  • The awkward conversation in "Army of Ghosts" that happens as Rose is explaining to her mother how she and the Doctor have bonded telepathically. Jackie's dismayed reaction at learning how Gallifreyans used looms to reproduce is priceless.
    Jackie Tyler: Oh, I knew it! Himself has got you up the duff, hasn’t he?
    Rose Tyler: What? [She spat out the tea she’d just drank] Mum, no! Time Lords were almost all sterile. The chances of that—
    Jackie Tyler: [snorts] Is that the line he gave you? Oh, when that alien gets back in here…[She rose halfway out of her seat, and Rose grabbed her before she went outside to confront the Doctor]
    Rose Tyler: Let me finish. Time Lords… [She looked at the ceiling and called up the memory of what the Doctor had said before they bonded] They didn’t have kids like humans do. They used these things called… looms.
    Jackie Tyler: Does that mean I won’t be getting any grandchildren?
  • When the Doctor and Rose are reunited on Bad Wolf Bay after the Battle of Canary Wharf, they have Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex and then sleep the night in the TARDIS. It's only the next morning that Rose realizes they've spent the entire night parked on Bad Wolf Bay. She laughs as she tries to wonder what the early morning joggers might have thought of the blue box on the beach.
  • The Sequel Hook introducing the Master: he's shown stuck in traffic on the M25.
    The drive was painfully slow, with traffic on the M25 the same mess it usually was. Why did these humans ever think automobile traffic was a good way to travel from one location to another?

    "Time is Still A-Flying" 
  • The start of "The Runaway Bride". The Doctor silently wishes for Rose to be thrown a distraction so she can take her mind off being separated from her mother. Which leads to Donna being brought into the TARDIS. Her reactions to being abducted from her wedding are much the same as they are in the show, with the Doctor being a little impatient waiting for Rose to finish showering so she can help him reason with Donna. When she shows up, Donna accuses him of similarly abducting Rose:
    Donna Noble: I knew it, acting all innocent. I’m not the first, am I? How many women have you abducted?
    Rose Tyler: I live here.
    The Doctor: Ah, Rose! Good. Rose, Donna. Donna, Rose. Donna just… popped in for a visit, but we need to get her to the church. Obviously, she’s got someplace to be. No time to chat.
  • Noticing Donna in a cab driven by the scavengers, the Doctor hurries back to the TARDIS and he and Rose give chase. When they catch up to Donna's cab, Rose keeps the TARDIS steady while the Doctor rushes to the door so he can grab Donna.
    The Doctor: Open the door!
    [Her lips moved, and even though he couldn’t hear her, he could tell what she was saying:]
    Donna Noble: Do what?
    The Doctor: Open the door! [She pounded on the inside of the door]
    Donna Noble: I can’t, it’s locked!
    [Of course it is. Holding onto the door frame with one hand, the Doctor pulled his sonic out of his pocket with the other. He directed it at the cab and unlocked both the door and the window. Instead of opening the door, Donna rolled the window down and stuck her head out]
    Donna Noble: Santa’s a robot!
    The Doctor: [Yes thanks, I’ve noticed that.] Donna, open the door!
    Donna Noble: What for?
    The Doctor: You’ve got to jump!
    Donna Noble: I’m not blinking flip jumping! I’m supposed to be getting married!
    [The cab sped up]
    Rose Tyler: I’ve got it! [The TARDIS jolted and wove through traffic until they were alongside the cab again. The Doctor pointed the sonic at the Robo Santa first, rendering it incapable of doing anything but driving at exactly the speed he was going now. Then he directed his attention to Donna, who was staring at him in horrified amazement]
    The Doctor: Listen to me. You’ve got to jump!
    Donna Noble: I’m not jumping on a motorway!
    The Doctor: Whatever that thing is, it needs you. And whatever it needs you for, it’s not good! [He saw the moment the severity of her situation finally sank in] Now, come on!
    Donna Noble: I’m in my wedding dress!
    The Doctor: Yes, you look lovely! Come on! [He sighed in relief when she finally opened the door. He held out his arms for her, but when she looked down at the motorway speeding by between them, she shifted back into the car]
    Donna Noble: I can’t do it. [There was real fear in her eyes under the brazen exterior, and he lowered his voice into a comforting tone]
    The Doctor: Trust me. [Donna looked past him, into the TARDIS]
    Donna Noble: Rose!
    Rose Tyler: Yeah?
    Donna Noble: You’re really with him because you want to be? You trust him that much? [The Doctor looked back at her, almost afraid to hear her answer, even though he knew what it would be]
    Rose Tyler: [showing her engagement ring] I TRUST HIM ENOUGH TO MARRY HIM! [The Doctor beamed at her before turning back to Donna expectantly]
    Donna Noble: [shakes her head] I reckon you’re both nutters. [She launched herself out of the cab, into the Doctor’s waiting arms. Rose laughed at the Doctor’s flustered expression when Donna knocked him to the grating. The two of them looked at each other, then Donna scrambled off of him and they both stood up and dusted themselves off]

  • Rose, while the Doctor is probing Donna for answers as to why the scavengers are targeting her:
    The Doctor: [scans Donna with the sonic screwdriver] It’s weird. I mean, you’re not special, you’re not powerful, you’re not connected, you’re not clever, you’re not important.
    Rose Tyler: Feel free to slap his hand away, Donna. He gets a little carried away sometimes.
  • When the Doctor and Rose are taking Donna to her wedding reception, they are a little too intimate for Donna's taste that she tells them to knock it off.
    Donna Noble: Oi! D’you mind not being quite so lovey dovey in front of the woman who just missed her own wedding?
    • Which continues when they pile into Lance's import for the trip to the HC Clements office:
    Donna Noble: Oh, anyone would think you two were newlyweds, the way you keep hanging onto each other.
    Donna Noble: Yeah, because you’d let go of Blondie there if you didn’t need to be practically sitting in each other’s laps? [The Doctor and Rose exchanged a mutually embarrassed glance, and Donna snorted] That’s what I thought.
  • Rose's lack of surprise the second time Donna slaps the Doctor.
  • Whilst infiltrating the Racnoss lair, Rose can't help but ask, "Why do the bad guys always use mood lighting?”
  • The Doctor dresses up as one of the roboforms to sneak back into the Empress's lair to rescue Donna and Rose, but the Empress quickly spots him:
    Empress: So you might as well unmask, my clever little doctor man.
    The Doctor: [tosses off his mask and robe] Oh well. Nice try. [he looked up at the web] Rose, when you’re done hanging around, maybe you could get Donna down? [He pointed the sonic screwdriver at the web, and the strands around her arms loosened enough for her to wiggle them free] I know it’s not the same as a chain over a vat of plastic, but you still got the bronze, didn’t you?
    Rose Tyler: You bet I did.
  • In "Smith & Jones," when the Doctor and Rose first meet Martha, the whole exchange is pretty awkward between the Doctor and Rose realizing they're going to have a non-linear meeting with her, and Martha's analysis of Rose trying to diagnose the cause of her condition:
    Mr. Stoker: [leading the students in] Now then, Mrs. Tyler, a very good morning to you. How are you today?
    Rose Tyler: [shrugs] Eh, still not feeling too great.
    Mr. Stoker: Rose Tyler, admitted yesterday with severe abdominal pains. [turns to Martha] Jones, why don’t you see what you can find? Amaze me.
    [The student looked at the Doctor as she walked around to the opposite side of the bed]
    Martha Jones: What were you doing earlier, running around outside? [She pulled out her stethoscope]
    The Doctor: Sorry?
    Martha Jones: On Chancellor Street this morning? [She put the bell over Rose’s chest] You came up to me and took your tie off.
    The Doctor: Really? What did I do that for?
    Martha Jones: I don’t know… You just did.
    The Doctor: [shakes his head] Not me. I was here, with Rose. Ask the nurses. [She straightened up, forgetting all about Rose]
    Martha Jones: Well, that’s weird, ‘cause it looked like you. Have you got a brother?
    The Doctor: No, not any more. Just me. John Tyler, by the way.
    Mr. Stoker: As time passes and I grow ever more infirm and weary, Miss Jones.
    Martha Jones: Sorry. Right. [She held the bell to Rose’s chest again and listened] Fifty-five beats per minute. You’re in excellent shape, Mrs. Tyler.
    Rose Tyler: [glances at the Doctor] We do a lot of running.
    Mr. Stoker: If you’re done getting a life history of the patient, perhaps you have an idea, Miss Jones?
    [The student’s eyes flicked around, then settled on Rose’s ring, obviously still new]
    Martha Jones: Ah, I don’t know. Could you be pregnant? [Both Rose and the Doctor shook their heads]
    The Doctor: We can’t have children. Not without a lot of jiggery-pokery.
    Rose Tyler: And that’s not a euphemism. [This earned laughs from the students and an eye roll from their teacher]
    • Rose chides the Doctor afterwards for his tangent on Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment (in response to Mr. Stoker's remarks about the electricity shocks being caused by the plasma coil).
  • When the Judoon take the hospital to the Moon, Rose is still in her patient gown and hasn't yet changed out.
    Rose Tyler: Doctor, are we…
    The Doctor: We’re on the Moon.
    Rose Tyler: Never been here before. Someplace new to add to the list. [Screams of panic echoed through the hallways, and the Doctor glanced out at the patients and doctors stumbling around outside the room]
    The Doctor: When we’re done here, I’ll take you to the moon landing. But I think it’s time for us to do a little exploring, which would probably be easier if you got dressed.
  • When the Doctor and Rose are properly introducing themselves to Martha, they have to clarify that "Tyler" is not the Doctor's surname.
    Martha Jones: Mr. Tyler, Mrs. Tyler, I promise you, we will find a way out. If we can travel to the moon, then we can travel back. There’s got to be a way. [Rose watched the Doctor push off from the balustrade and explore the rest of the balcony]
    The Doctor: It’s not Tyler. That’s not my real name.
    Martha Jones: Who are you, then?
    The Doctor: I’m the Doctor.
    Martha Jones: Me too, if I can pass my exams. What is it then, Doctor Tyler?
    The Doctor: Just the Doctor.
    Martha Jones: How do you mean, "just 'the Doctor'?”
    Rose Tyler: That’s his name, Martha. “The Doctor.”
    Martha Jones: [looking at Rose skeptically] And I suppose you’re not actually Rose Tyler.
    Rose Tyler: [smiles] No, that’s me—NHS number and all.
    Martha Jones: But people call him "the Doctor”?
    The Doctor and Rose Tyler: Yes.
    The Master: Then I wonder if it would be possible to have you add two more names to the list when you see it—as a personal favour to me. An old school friend of mine will be in town tomorrow with his wife, and I know they’d be fascinated with Professor Lazarus’ work. [listens] Excellent. Their names are the Doctor and Rose Tyler. [listens] No, not Doctor Tyler. His wife is Rose Tyler, but he is just "the Doctor". [The Master’s smile turned sharklike] It’s an old nickname that’s stuck, I’m afraid. You should hear what he calls me...
    • Whilst the Doctor and Rose are inviting Martha to travel with them in the TARDIS, Martha still seems convinced Rose's name is fake:
    Martha Jones: You never even told me who you are.
    The Doctor: Yes, we did. The Doctor and Rose Tyler.
    Martha Jones: What sort of species? It’s not every day I get to ask that.
    [Rose felt him stiffen, but knew Martha wouldn’t notice]
    The Doctor: I’m a Time Lord.
    Martha Jones: Right! Not pompous at all, then. [She looked at Rose] But your wife is human.
    Rose Tyler: [headshake] Not exactly.
    Martha Jones: Those Judoon things though, they said you were human.
    Rose Tyler: As far as most people can tell, I am, and I have a feeling today won’t be the last time that comes in handy. But… well, it’s complicated and I’d rather not get into it right now, but long story short, I’m more like the Doctor than I am human.
  • As they watch the Judoon enter the hospital and speak to Oliver Morgenstern, Rose asks the Doctor why the Judoons' language isn't being translated by the TARDIS translation circuits.
    Rose Tyler: Doctor, why isn’t the TARDIS translating? [The ship was back on Earth, but with their bond, she should have been able to translate despite the distance. Rose got the distinct feeling the TARDIS was huffing indignantly, and she knew the Doctor was stifling a laugh]
    The Doctor: The TARDIS thinks the Judoon’s language is beneath her. I’ve tried to upload it to the translation circuit, and she refuses it every time.
  • The Doctor and Rose try to get into the hospital computers to look for the Judoons' person of interest while Martha monitors the Judoons' progress.
    Rose Tyler: What do you think of Martha so far?
    The Doctor: Nice. Clever. A bit slow to believe in things she hasn’t already seen proof of.
    Rose Tyler: Which would explain what she said about seeing you in the street this morning.
    The Doctor: Exactly.
    [Rose toyed with her TARDIS key. It had been over a year since anyone had travelled with them, and she’d gotten used to having the Doctor to herself. Still, she felt the tug of the timelines, telling her they needed Martha]
    The Doctor: Let’s get through this first. When we’re all back on Earth, we can talk about it. [Martha came back then, ending the conversation]
    Martha Jones: They’ve reached the third floor. [eyes the Doctor's sonic screwdriver] What’s that thing?
    The Doctor: Sonic screwdriver. [She huffed out a short laugh and rolled her eyes]
    Martha Jones: Well, if you’re not going to answer me properly...[The Doctor stopped what he was doing and looked at her over his shoulder]
    The Doctor: No, really, it is. It’s a screwdriver, and it’s sonic. Look.
    Rose Tyler: You know, Doctor, I’ve never seen you actually use it as a screwdriver.
    Martha Jones: [to Rose] What else has he got, a laser spanner?
    The Doctor: I did but it was stolen by Emily Pankhurst, cheeky woman. Oh, this computer! [He smacked the top of the monitor] The Judoon must have locked it down. Judoon platoon upon the moon. [He rubbed at his mouth and jaw] And we didn’t even mean to go to London. [Rose leaned back to watch Martha try to keep up with his babbling] We’ve been travelling, taking an extended honeymoon, and when we ended up in London, we decided to poke around a bit, and then I noticed these plasma coils around the hospital, and that lightning, that’s a plasma coil. Been building up for two days now, so we checked in. We thought something was going on inside. It turns out the plasma coils were the Judoon up above...
  • As the Doctor, Rose and Martha make their way back to Mr. Stoker's office after killing the first Slab, Rose thinks it amusing that they're basically secret agents here.
    [She grinned up at the Doctor when they took cover behind a water dispenser, seeing the same spark of excitement in his eyes that she felt. They all heard loud footsteps just around the corner. A Slab walked by, and the Doctor murmured]
    The Doctor: That’s the thing about Slabs. They always travel in pairs.
    Martha Jones: Not like you can talk. I never figured alien investigators would do something as domestic as getting married. What’s that all about then? [The Doctor’s fingers flexed around Rose’s hand]
    The Doctor: Oh, humans. You always think you’re the only ones to do things. Do you really think no other species in the universe takes a life partner? [He stood up and crept around her] Come on.
    Martha Jones: I like that. [She stood up] Humans. I’m still not convinced you’re an alien-
    [Rose wasn’t even surprised when the Doctor ran straight into a Judoon at that moment]
    Judoon: [scans the Doctor] Non-human.
    Martha Jones: [mouth gaping]...Oh my God, you really are.
    The Doctor: ...And again.
    [Rose was two steps ahead of the Doctor and Martha, running away from the Judoon. Hearing laser blasts behind them, they all ducked and then managed to turn the corner before the Judoon fired their weapons a second time]
  • On her first trip in the TARDIS, Martha is quick to say she prefers Rose's piloting to the Doctor's. This becomes a Running Gag as Donna, and later Jenny, share the same sentiment.
  • During "The Shakespeare Code," Rose gets to snark about their reputation for running into historical figures when the Doctor spots the Globe and begins steering them towards it:
    Rose Tyler: Sometimes I think half the reason the Doctor travels is to meet all his heroes. [She bumped her shoulder against the Doctor’s, considering what her first Doctor had taught her about Shakespeare in his crash course in English literature] Too bad you can’t get an autographed first edition like you did when we met Dickens. Considering the First Folio wasn’t published until after he died, no one would believe you.
  • The "it's a bit Harry Potter" conversation when the Doctor, Rose and Martha are conversing after Lynley's death:
    The Doctor: All right, where shall we begin?
    Martha Jones: Well, magic and stuff. That’s a surprise. It’s all a little bit Harry Potter.
    The Doctor: [smiles] Oh, I loved book seven.
    Rose Tyler: [whispering to Martha] He cried.
    The Doctor: Oh, I wasn’t the only one, Rose Tyler. [The Doctor pointed at her] “‘Here lies Dobby, a free elf.’" Need I remind you?
  • Rose and Doctor's silent telepathic conversation as they're making their way to see Peter Streete at the asylum:
    Rose Tyler: It’s so weird, seeing places I know that are just enough different from what I’m used to.
    The Doctor: This is London before the Great Fire. Before Christopher Wren rebuilt it.
    Rose Tyler: You’re not going to claim you helped?
    The Doctor: Welllll…[The Doctor tugged on his ear] It’s possible—just possible, mind—that I actually had something to do with the fire itself. [She chuckled, then laughed harder when she caught sight of the business on the next corner]
    Rose Tyler: Maybe it’s not too different, after all. [She pointed to a door with an apothecary sign hanging overhead] That’s a Boots, in my time.
  • Learning about the Carrionites puts the Doctor and Rose on a little trip down memory lane:
    Rose Tyler: So. Shakespeare and witches...
    The Doctor: I know! Although Macbeth was never my favourite.
    Martha Jones: I thought you were supposed to call it ‘The Scottish Play.'
    The Doctor: One, we aren’t in a theatre, and two, I really don’t believe in superstitions.
    Rose Tyler: And three, it hasn’t even been written yet.
    Martha Jones: [eyeroll] All right, fine. Then what’s so funny about Shakespeare and witches? Besides the obvious, I mean.
    Rose Tyler: [crosses her legs] When we met Dickens, there were ghosts.
    Martha Jones: [bemused] Oh that’s… Your life is mad. Next you’re going to tell me you’ve solved a mystery with Agatha Christie.
    Rose Tyler: [smirks] Not yet we haven’t, but might do someday.
  • The whole bit with being greeted by Queen Elizabeth I, her recognizing the Doctor as her sworn enemy, and crying "Off with His Head!" is retained, though evidently the context is much different:
    The Doctor: [enthusiastic] Queen Elizabeth the First!
    Elizabeth I: [angrily] Doctor!
    The Doctor: What?
    Elizabeth I: The Doctor and Rose Tyler. My sworn enemies!
    The Doctor and Rose Tyler: [in unison] What?
    Elizabeth I: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!
    The Doctor: Whaaaat?!
    Martha Jones: Oh, never mind what, just run! See you, Will, and thanks.
    • They race back to the TARDIS pursued by the queen's guards.
    Martha Jones: What have you done to upset her?
    The Doctor: How should we know? Haven’t even met her yet! That’s time travel for you. Still, can’t wait to find out! [Rose had the door open when the Doctor and Martha reached the TARDIS, and Martha ran down the ramp. She rolled her eyes when the Doctor stopped and looked back at the guards] That’s something to look forward to. [He closed the door suddenly. Rose heard something thwack into the wood as she hit the dematerialisation sequence that would take them into the Vortex]
    Rose Tyler: So, have you managed to alienate all of Britain’s ruling queens? Only, that’s two out of six and I’d just like to know if we’re going to be in trouble if we ever meet Liz II. [The Doctor tossed his coat over a strut, then joined Rose at the console]
    The Doctor: Nah…and I’d like to point out, Rose Tyler, that I didn’t start getting on the bad side of your queens until you were travelling with me. [Rose pressed her lips together to hide a smirk, then caught the confused look on Martha’s face]
    Martha Jones: ...Right.
  • In "Daleks in Manhattan," when the Doctor's entourage encounters the loose brain in the tunnels, Rose suppresses the urge to laugh as she remembers the Doctor tasting blood with his fingers on the Sycorax ship.
    Rose Tyler: Oh, Martha, just be glad he isn’t tasting it.
  • In "Evolution of the Daleks," when the Daleks kill Solomon, the Doctor tries to negotiate to keep them from hurting anyone else in Hooverville.
    The Doctor: All right, so it’s my turn! What can I do to get you to stop attacking these people?!
    Dalek: I will be the destroyer of our greatest enemy.
    The Doctor: Well...could we maybe discuss other options? Because frankly, I’d rather not die. Besides, do you want to live in a world without me? I mean, what would the Daleks be without an arch enemy?
  • In "The Lazarus Experiment," Rose has a cover story ready to explain to Martha's mother who she and the Doctor are, alleviating any suspicions Francine has about them.
    Francine Jones: All right, what’s the occasion?
    Martha Jones: What do you mean? I’m just pleased to see you, that’s all. [Her mum smiled and tilted her head curiously]
    Francine Jones: You saw me last night.
    Rose Tyler: [steps in] Martha’s enthusiastic greeting is probably my fault, Mrs. Jones. I…[She swallowed, and the Doctor wrapped his arm around her waist] I lost my mother about about ten months ago, and we were talking about that earlier today. [Martha smiled at Rose, hoping she could see the gratitude in her eyes]
    Martha Jones: Yeah, it just reminded me that you never know how much time you’ll have with the people you love. [Her mum still looked doubtful, so Martha turned to her brother, looking to get the attention off hersel] You’re looking good, Leo.
    Leo Jones: Yeah. [huffs] If anyone asks me to fetch them a drink, I’ll swing for him. [Francine’s speculative gaze turned on Rose and the Doctor]
    Francine Jones: You disappeared last night.
    Martha Jones: I just went home. [She felt like a teenager who’d been caught sneaking out]
    Rose Tyler: She did have a long day yesterday. What with the hospital being transported to the moon and all. [Martha wanted to hide when her mum looked down her nose at Rose]
    Francine Jones: And you are…?
    Rose Tyler: I’m Rose Tyler, and this is my husband, the Doctor.
    Francine Jones: What’s your connection with my daughter? [Rose sighed and looked at the Doctor before Martha could protest her mum’s interrogation]
    Rose Tyler: Do you have our identification, Doctor? ''[The Doctor’s eyebrow quirked up slightly, but he handed his wife the psychic paper without question. Martha tried to catch a glimpse of it when Rose showed it to her mum, but she couldn’t without being totally obvious. Francine blinked, then looked at the blank piece of paper and back at Rose.
    Francine Jones: But you’re…
    Rose Tyler: We just needed to talk with Martha a little about what happened on the moon. The conversation took longer than we thought it would, and then we learned we were all invited to the same party, so we thought, “Why not come together?”
    • It's only when they leave the party to go study Lazarus's DNA that Rose reveals just what her cover story was:
    Martha Jones: I meant to say, thanks for stepping in with Mum earlier. You were brilliant.
    Rose Tyler: Yeah, well I have a lot of experience recognising a mum on the warpath, thanks to the Doctor. [The women laughed over the Doctor’s protest. The lift came, and they all got in]
    Martha Jones: So what happened to your mum, if you don’t mind me asking? Or was that just a cover?”
    Rose Tyler: [smiles sadly] Canary Wharf. [Martha hummed in sympathy, and Rose shook her head] It isn’t like that; she isn’t actually dead. But she’s trapped in a parallel universe, and I’ll never see her again. [The Doctor looked at Rose curiously]
    The Doctor: While we’re asking questions, Rose, who did you tell Martha’s mum we are?
    [The lift doors opened on the second storey, and Rose waited to answer until they were walking down the corridor, following a sign that pointed to the laboratories. Then she grinned at him, letting her tongue peek out]
    Rose Tyler: Investigators with UNIT.
    [The Doctor laughed. It was the simplest, most obvious cover, since the Brigadier had added a note about her to the Doctor’s file]
    The Doctor: You are brilliant, Rose Tyler.
    Rose Tyler: Yeah, well, now it’s time for the two of you to be brilliant.
  • While the Doctor tries to contain Lazarus, he has Rose and Martha evacuate the guests. Once everyone's out, Martha goes back inside to join Rose.
    Rose Tyler: I figured you’d come. Now, where do you think the Doctor is? [An explosion sounded distantly from the second floor, and both women chuckled wryly] That answers that question...[They raced up the stairs]
  • In "Human Nature," the Doctor's instructions for Martha on how to handle his and Rose's new human aliases and life.
    The Doctor: ...and twenty-three, I’ve done everything I could to make sure we wouldn’t be found. The chameleon arch technology should be infallible, but the last time I was with someone who insisted their plans couldn’t fail, I watched the Titanic hit an iceberg.
  • The Doctor testing his Timey Wimey detector in anticipation of Billy Shipton's arrival. Due to a lack of temporal activity in 1969, he can't find anything that will allow him to confirm that the detector works. After about an hour, he decides to just point the detector at anything in sight in hopes of getting it to react. A half hour later, it causes a chicken to abruptly explode.
    Chicken Owner: Oi! You there! What are you doing to my birds?
    [He turned tail and ran before the man could grasp the tiny detail that it was only 25C, not nearly hot enough to explode any kind of farm animal]
  • The Doctor coining a name for his Timey Wimey Detector:
    The Doctor: Well, I need to visit the electronics shops. In addition to the recorder and autocue, I want to build a timey-wimey detector.
    Martha Jones: [to Rose] He’s been using that phrase non-stop. Because apparently this brilliant Time Lord can’t think of any better explanation than "a big ball of timey-wimey stuff.”
    [The Doctor sniffed, and Rose hid her smile behind her teacup. Sure, it had taken her longer to wake up than usual, but she was feeling more like herself with every minute]
    Rose Tyler: What will your timey-wimey detector do, Doctor?
    The Doctor: It’ll help us track down Billy Shipton, since we don't have an address where he'll show up.
    Rose Tyler: An’ how are we gonna know when Billy shows up? Will your gizmo ding or something?”
    The Doctor: Oh, that’s a brilliant idea! I always like a nice ding.
    • Martha mutters under her breath, “Absolutely bonkers, both of you."
  • Martha isn't happy about how Sally Sparrow's transcript locks her down to working in a shop. This being right after three months as a fobbed John and Rose's maid, it's understandable:
    Martha Jones: So I guess I get to go job hunting tomorrow.
    The Doctor: Take the psychic paper and show it to them if they ask for your CV. You shouldn’t have any problem getting a job.
    Martha Jones: Yeah, that’s not really what’s bothering me. That transcript said I’d be working in a shop. Couldn’t I do something else, like secretarial work? My typing is pretty decent, though I don’t know shorthand.
    The Doctor: [shakes his head] The transcript locks us into a causality loop. Sally Sparrow wrote down that you’re working in a shop because you said you worked in a shop.
    Martha Jones: [sighs] I guess it’s better than maid work.
    Rose Tyler: I could always be the one paying our way.
    Martha Jones: [shakes her head] Then what would I do? Sit around the flat with the Doctor all day while he tries to build a video camera out of dental floss and chewing gum? He’d drive me mad. [She took a drink of her beer] Besides, I bet it would cause just as much of a timey-wimey problem if you worked instead of me as it would if I did something besides working in a shop.
    The Doctor: I truly am sorry, Martha, but you’re not the only one who’s constrained by what the transcript says. Do you think I wouldn’t rather call up some old friends of mine and see if I couldn’t track myself down and get us a ride home? I’d love to, but the transcript says I build a video recorder and autocue, so that’s what I get to do. [shrugs] The way time worked, I probably wouldn’t have any luck if I did try to get us a ride, and then I’d be right back where I started, making an autocue.
    • She even gripes about it in the video itself:
    LARRY: "Of course he can’t hear us. Look, I’ve got a transcript. See? Everything he says. Yup, that’s me. Yes, I do. Yup, and this. Next it’s—"
    The Doctor: [exasperated] Are you going to read out the whole thing?
    LARRY: "Sorry."
    SALLY: "Who are you?"
    The Doctor: [nods] I’m a time traveller. [shrugs] Or I was. I’m stuck in 1969.
    [Rose stepped into the frame—the next line was hers]
    Rose Tyler: I prefer ‘temporarily grounded’ to stuck. [The Doctor shook his head and smiled at her]
    The Doctor: It doesn’t have nearly the ring though—‘Temporarily grounded with you, Rose Tyler?’ [back to the camera] This is my wife, by the way. Rose Tyler.
    Rose Tyler: [waves] Hello! [she stepped out of the camera, to make room for Martha]
    Martha Jones: Well, temporarily grounded or stuck, we’re still in 1969, and I’m working in a shop to pay our way—all because the transcript says that I said I did. And I tried to get the Doctor to let me say something different, but he was all, "‘Do you want to cause a paradox, Martha Jones?’” [She shot the Doctor a wry smile before stepping out of the frame to stand with Rose, who pointed at the autocue to redirect the Doctor’s attention]
    SALLY: "I’ve seen this bit before."
  • After the Doctor, Rose and Martha pick up Billy Shipton, they take him to a curry place for dinner and thumb through Sally's photos from Wester Drumlins. Billy is understandably overwhelmed by the complex nature of time travel and being locked onto a Stable Time Loop, making some epic faces.
    The Doctor: Speaking of cars, I don’t suppose you’ve seen an old police box?
    Billy Shipton: I have, as a matter of fact. I only showed it to Sally Sparrow a few hours ago—right before I ended up in that alley.
    Rose Tyler: [laughs] That’s our… well, it’s ours. The Doctor has been counting on it turning up, since it’s mentioned at the end of the transcript of the conversation with Sally and Larry, but it feels good to know someone has seen her more recently than we have.
    [Billy pushed back from the table and dropped his fork onto his plate]
    Billy Shipton: There isn’t a key, though. I’ve tried to get into it for six months, and nothing will open it.
    Rose Tyler: Sally Sparrow had the key. Martha’s fell out of her pocket when we were transported here, and one of the angels picked it up. Sally took it from them and gave it back to us in the folder along with all the information.
    Billy Shipton: [picks up and reads Sally’s detailed report] So the day I see her again is the day I die.
    The Doctor: Oh, don’t think about it like that! You’ve got years to go before then, a whole life to live. Another Sally to meet.
    Billy Shipton: And I can’t call her up before then because…
    The Doctor: Welllll, you could, only it would tear a hole in the fabric of space and time and destroy two-thirds of the universe. [Rose glared at the Doctor, and he ducked his head apologetically] Sorry.
    Billy Shipton: [laughs in disbelief] I think I need a place to stay for the night.
    Martha Jones: You can sleep on our couch.
  • Following their visit to Sally and Larry, the Doctor plans to take Rose and Martha to Midnight. But when he lands, the TARDIS has instead taken them to Hawaii. Martha's more pleased at that:
    Martha Jones: “Okay, for once, I love that your ship never lands where you tell her to.”
  • When Jack is summoning Team TARDIS to Cardiff by calling Rose:
    Rose Tyler: Jack says to tell you it’s Election Day. He wants to know where he should meet us.
    The Doctor: Perfect. We won’t spoil the election results for Martha.
  • Jack's recap to Martha of how he became immortal on the Game Station:
    Martha Jones: So, you used to travel with the Doctor?
    Jack Harkness: I still would be, if it weren’t for the Daleks. [From her swiftly indrawn breath, Jack gathered that the newest companion had already met the Doctor’s oldest enemy] See, we were transmatted to this satellite called the Game Station—imagine a studio where all your favourite reality shows are filmed, only if you lose, instead of being kicked out of the house or whatever, you die.
    Martha Jones: Sometimes I think that’s what reality shows are going to be in the future.
    • Also a true Jack gem is him learning that the Doctor and Rose are telepathically linked now:
    Jack Harkness: All right, so I bounced. I thought 21st century, the best place to find the Doctor, except that I got it a little wrong. Arrived in 1869, this thing burnt out, so it was useless.
    The Doctor: Told you.
    Rose Tyler: Oh, hush, let Jack tell his story without reminding everyone how much better your equipment is than his.
    The Doctor: Oi! D’you mind not coming on to my bond mate while I’m standing right here?
    ["Bond mate?" Jack blinked at the term. He knew the Doctor was telepathic, and he knew what bonding meant to a telepathic race. He filed the information aside to think about later and shot a suggestive grin at the Doctor.]
    Jack Harkness: Does that mean I can come on to her when you’re not standing right there?
    The Doctor: Well, I know she won’t take you up on the offer, and at least then I wouldn’t have to listen to it.
    Jack Harkness: [grins] You know, normally I’d be offended that you think she’s so immune to my charms, but I happen to know you’re right.
  • Rose's reaction to seeing the Master getting a campaign endorsement from Ann Widdecombe: “Figures the Master would be a Tory.
  • Jack, commenting about the Doctor and Rose's sex life while they're hiding from the Master as they make out whilst waiting for Martha to come back with food:
    Jack Harkness: As gorgeous as this is—and it is, you two have no idea how sexy you are—you should probably stop before you give my fantasies any more material.
    [Rose hid her red cheeks against the Doctor’s chest, and he glared at the captain over the top of her head]
    The Doctor: Jack-
    Jack Harkness: [grinning] Hey, I’m not the one who spent the last ten minutes snogging my wife, completely ignoring the fact that there was someone else in the room. [He looked pointedly at his watch] Besides, Martha should be back any minute, and I’d be willing to bet that she wants to see you two going at it about as much as you want me to see it.
    • Subsequently, so that Martha can't hear them, the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to create a noise bubble around his and Rose's sleeping bag.

  • The Doctor explaining the perception filter keys to Jack and Martha.
    The Doctor: Four TARDIS keys. Four pieces of the TARDIS, all with low level perception properties because the TARDIS is designed to blend in. [The imprecise explanation made him pause] Well, sort of. But now, the Archangel Network’s got a second low level signal. Weld the key to the network and Martha—[He picked up his key and took a few steps back from the table] Look at me. You can see me, yes?
    Martha Jones: Yep.
    The Doctor: What about now? [The Doctor put his key around his neck]
    [Martha’s gaze drifted to the right. Jack chuckled when she closed her eyes and shook her head and tried to look at the Doctor again. Again, her gaze drifted. When she clenched her eyes shut a second time, he waved and said]
    The Doctor: No, I’m here. Look at me.
    Martha Jones: It’s like I know you’re there, but I don’t want to know.
    Rose Tyler: But I can see you just fine. [The Doctor looked at her, a crooked smile on his face]
    The Doctor: You have a unique advantage. [A simple perception filter couldn’t touch the telepathic connection of a marriage bond]
    [She grasped his meaning immediately, but the strength of her self-recrimination surprised him]
    The Doctor: [telepathically] Hey. [He waited for her to look at him, then continued] Don’t beat yourself up like that—it’s easy to forget the simplest things when you’re tired and under stress.
    [When some of her frustration faded, he looked back at Martha]
    The Doctor: [out loud] And back again. [The Doctor took his key off and jogged back over to the table] See? It just shifts your perception a tiny little bit. Doesn’t make us invisible, just unnoticed.
    Martha Jones: So basically, it’ll be like I’m a maid again.
    The Doctor: Yes, well, it’ll keep us alive while we track down the Master and rescue your family, so let’s look on the bright side.

  • When the Doctor and Rose are captured trying to confront the Master on the Valiant, Rose at one point curses at the Master in an alien language, and her language is so foul that the TARDIS translation circuits refuse to translate them into English. Just what she would've been saying if that language was in English can be inferred from the Master's response:
    The Master: Was that Atreyun? I’m not sure what you just suggested is even possible for a race that excretes their waste through their skin, so I applaud the linguistic effort it took to translate that curse into their language.
  • The Doctor and Rose are subject to brunch with the Master before they're taken to their cells. The conversation is as awkwardly stiff as one would expect between the two Time Lords and their wives.
    • The Master's idea of brunch: "The traditional English fry-up. There are a few things to recommend this backwater planet you’re so fond of, Doctor.”
    • As the Master gets up to leave:
    The Master: Please, eat your fill. The guards will take you to the rooms I prepared for you when you’re done. [He paused at the door] They do have instructions to shoot you if you try to touch. Bye-bye!
  • Rose's efforts to be as irritating as possible to the Master, as she shows off two weeks into the Year that Never Was when he visits her cell:
    The Master: I hope I didn’t keep you waiting. This whole ruling a planet business is actually more work than I thought it would be.
    The Master: How have you found your accommodations? I did leave instructions with the guards to give you anything you asked for, except of course for the key to the door.
    Rose Tyler: [gestures to the pile of books stacked up on her desk] I’ve been using the time to catch up on a little reading.
    The Master: Excellent. [The Master tapped his fingers against the books in the four-beat rhythm Rose had come to hate] What about sleeping? I assume your bed is comfortable enough, since you’ve been sleeping over eight hours a night, like an ordinary human. [Rose forced her features to remain even. The last thing she wanted was for the Master to discover his interference with the TARDIS had affected her own health]
    Rose Tyler: Well, as you keep pointing out, I’m only a hybrid, after all. [She narrowed her eyes] Why are you being so considerate?
    Rose Tyler: You’ve got a different definition of hospitality than I’ve ever heard. For one, what kind of host splits a couple up into separate rooms? [The Master's lips turned into a pout]
    The Master: I thought you would understand the limitations put on me by the unique situation.
    Rose Tyler: The unique situation being that you’ve wrongfully imprisoned both of us? Yeah, that doesn’t make me feel very understanding.
    • Fed up, the Master decides to drop the pleasantries:
    The Master: Well, if that’s what you think, I’ll just skip over the pleasantries and get straight to my purpose. [He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall] Why did the Doctor send Martha Jones away on Day Zero?
    Rose Tyler: [laughs bitterly] You’ve gotta be kidding me. Martha’s our friend. Why wouldn’t he send her away from the resident psychopath?
  • The Doctor's and Jack's interactions with the double agent Resistance members aboard the Valiant.
    • Greg in particular, the first double agent Jack identifies, seems to revel in playing along with the charade:
    Greg: Sit up, Harkness.
    Jack Harkness: And hello to you too, Greg. [Greg rolled his eyes, but both men knew the entire exchange was an act. They’d been on the Valiant for two months when Greg had become Jack’s primary guard. He’d treated Jack exactly like all the other guards, so Jack had been surprised when he’d used an old World War II code to tell him he was a member of the Underground. Since then, Jack had learned of eight more guards on board the Valiant who were members of the underground resistance. With their help, he’d started a system of passing messages throughout the ship to the other prisoners—well, at least to the Jones family. So far, none of the double agents had interacted with either the Doctor or Rose.]
    Greg: I don’t have time for your games today, Captain. Our Master has asked me to take lunch to Miss Tyler when we’re done here, so if you wouldn’t mind hurrying up…
    Jack Harkness: Anything for you, Greg.
    • Rose is rather put off by Greg's attempts to act like they're best mates.
  • At Christmas, the Master decides to regale the Doctor with the story of how he tried to split the Doctor up from Rose at Canary Wharf by becoming a traitorous advisor to Yvonne Hartman:
    The Master: ...Of course, that was also when I discovered the existence of Torchwood. Because the weapon that shot down the Sycorax? That was far superior to anything humans should have for another hundred years. So I did some digging, and imagine my delight when I learned there was an entire agency on your favourite planet devoted to protecting Britain… from you.
    The Doctor: Had the Void ship already arrived in this world when you first visited Torchwood?
    The Master: [shakes his head] That happened shortly after. They knew the weak spot was there, of course, since that’s why they built the tower in the first place.
    The Doctor: Why didn’t you tell them what it was when it appeared?
    The Master: Because, Doctor, there is a difference between advanced information a human might possess, and the kind of information that makes Torchwood suspect you’re an alien. I realize subtlety isn’t exactly your thing, but surely even you can understand that.
    The Doctor: [raises an eyebrow] Are you really going to lecture me on being subtle, Master? Have you forgotten the time you called yourself Dr. Harcourt De’ath?
    • In the middle of this one-on-one, the meeting is interrupted when the Master's ADC walks in to inform him about the Drast controlling Japan.
    ADC Dexter: [salutes the Master] Sir. [The Master leaned back in his chair and smiled at her, then looked at the Doctor]
    The Master: See? A gorgeous young lady in uniform—one of the perks of power. Why would I want anything else? [Anger suffused the Doctor’s face, and the Master rolled his eyes. Had the Doctor always been this boring? Weren’t renegades supposed to push the boundaries of rules and the law? Wasn’t that part of the definition?] Have a seat, Dexter. [He poured a cup of tea and slid it over to her] And please keep ‘sir’-ing me like that. If you do it often enough, I’ll promote you to queen. [He tapped his chin] There must be somewhere that needs a queen. I’ll look into it.
    [She sipped her tea and didn’t smile]
    The Master: You aren’t smiling. That means something has happened. What have you got for me? Not all bad news, I hope?
    [Dexter pushed a strand of straight blonde hair back over her ear]
    ADC Dexter: Some bad news, I’m afraid, sir. [This time, the sir didn’t thrill him the way it had a moment ago]
  • With one day to go until the rockets launch, the Master outlines his plans to The Doctor. The Doctor, of course, isn't impressed, so the Master goes to Rose's cell and pouts about it to her like a child:
    The Master: Your bond mate doesn’t seem properly impressed by my plan.
    The Master: This is one of my better plans though. Tomorrow, the rockets launch. The new Time Lord empire will begin by destroying anyone who stands in my way.
  • When the Master has Rose brought to the bridge of the Valiant, the Doctor casts Rose an assuring smile to let her know he'll remove the telepathic dampening choker the Master placed on her once they've defeated him. The smile lasts long enough that the Master has to break in saying, "Do you mind? This is supposed to be my moment of triumph, and your smiling is ruining it.”
  • While the Doctor has the Master cornered, the Master tries to use Martha's Vortex manipulator to teleport away, but Rose manages to notice him and kicks the manipulator out of his hands.
    Rose Tyler: Leaving so soon, Harry? But you were the one who invited us here!
    The Doctor, who’d spun back around when he heard the Vortex manipulator skitter across the deck, smiled brilliantly at her.
    The Doctor: I’m afraid, Master, that you’ve fallen victim to one of the classic blunders. Never underestimate Rose Tyler.
    • After the Paradox Machine is destroyed, whilst the Doctor is distracted talking to Martha and Francine, the Master tries again to make a break for it, only for Rose to this time stop him and punch him in the face.
    Rose Tyler: Come on, Harry, how many times are we going to do this bit where you try to run away and I stop you?
    • Jack returns just as Rose is putting the cuffs on the Master:
    Jack Harkness: Oh, I see how it is, you send me to take care of the paradox machine so you can play with handcuffs.
  • The Sequel Hook with Dalek Caan: as he looks through all of time and space at once, he decides that while the multiverse is at stake, the Doctor and Rose are too traumatized to do anything from a year in the Master's captivity so he'll give them a break.

    "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" 
  • "Time Crash" opens this fic. Rose being added to the mix and having everything happen from her POV? Well, let's just say she finds the whole thing hilarious, watching the Doctor get annoyed with himself.
    Five: Rose, do I always go on like this, ranting about every single thing that happens to be in front of me?
    Rose Tyler: I’m afraid so, Doctor. [She tilted her head and looked at both versions of her bond mate] Wait a minute, how do you know who I am?
    Five: If there’s one person in the universe I will always recognise on sight, Rose Tyler, it’s you. [The pinstriped Doctor grunted in annoyance, and the younger Doctor took her hand and pressed a kiss to it] I might not always recognise myself, or other friends, but a bond couldn’t be mistaken for anything else.
    Rose Tyler: But have we met before?
    Five: That would be telling, my dear.
    • Rose takes the opportunity of the two Doctors bickering (and Ten fanboying over Five) to fix the problem herself:
    Five: ...The explosion cancels out the implosion.
    Rose Tyler: Pressure remains constant.
    Ten: You’re brilliant. [picks her up and swings her around in the air]
    Five: Far too brilliant. I’ve never met anyone else who could fly the TARDIS like that.
    [They both looked at Rose with stars in their eyes. She blushed and pushed a strand of hair back over her ear]
    Ten: That’s Rose.
    Five: You didn’t have time to work all that out. Even I couldn’t do it.
    Rose Tyler: [shakes her head] I didn’t need to work it out. The TARDIS, she told me what to do.
    Ten: [pats the Time Rotor] Rose and the TARDIS have a very special relationship. It’s hard to explain, but the benefits are obvious.
    • Ten explaining to Rose how this whole Stable Time Loop and Time Lord bonding thing works: bonding with a Time Lord means you're bonded to every one of their regenerations, even the ones prior to him meeting Rose in Henrik's.
    Rose Tyler: Right…but you didn’t say that if we met younger versions of you, they’d recognise me.
    The Doctor: Well, first off, I think we need to assume that this was not the first time I had met us, even though it was the first time we’ve met me.
    Rose Tyler: Yeah, I picked up on that, too. But he said at the end that he forgets, and yet he knew me right away.
    The Doctor: Marriage bonds are… trans-temporal. Any time I meet you once we have a bond, I will feel your side of the bond call to me.
    Rose Tyler: Then how come you didn’t recognise me in Henrik’s? [The lines on her forehead cleared before he could answer] Oh! You didn’t know me when I met you the first time, because I hadn’t bonded with you yet.
    The Doctor: Right! Of course, every time I meet you before I met you…” [The Doctor let that sentence trail off, snorting at the absolute ridiculousness of it] Anyway, if I meet you as my bond mate before I meet you properly in my ninth incarnation, I have to hide the memories so I don’t ruin my own timeline. One thing I’d never want to ruin is the way I met you, Rose.
    [Rose looked up at him, a soft smile on her face]
    Rose Tyler: You said just one word. [The Doctor reached for her hand.]
    The Doctor: I said, "Run.”
    [She stretched up, and the Doctor bent his head to kiss her. He sighed at the warm pressure of her lips against his. His fifth self had been absolutely enamoured with her, of course, as he suspected every Doctor who met her would be. But he was the Doctor who knew her; he was the Doctor who was married to her. Rose pulled away from his kiss and smirked up at him]
    Rose Tyler: [teasingly] Bit silly, being jealous of your own self.
    The Doctor: So you’re saying that if we went back to, say, early 2005, and I met you before I met you, you wouldn’t be jealous of your younger self?
    Rose Tyler: Nope. Because that nineteen-year-old girl would be just weeks away from meeting the most amazing man in the universe, who would totally sweep her off her feet. As long as he remembers to tell her that his ship also travels in time.
    [The Doctor leaned down to kiss her again, but the TARDIS shook and a ship’s horn blared through the console room, interrupting the tender moment. Rose and the Doctor looked up behind them at the prow of a ship, protruding through the walls of the TARDIS]
    The Doctor: What? [The dust settled, and he spotted a life preserver. He crawled to it and flipped it over, a rock settling in his stomach when he read the name. Titanic] Whaaaat?! [Rose joined him on the floor and started laughing when she read it]
  • The Doctor is so stunned by the Edwardian-era dress that Rose picks out that he can't resist the urge to make out passionately with her. Which earns them a scolding from one of the stewards.
    Steward: I beg your pardon, sir, but if you’re going to engage in behaviour like that, I’ll have to ask you to return to your stateroom.
    [For a few seconds, the Doctor contemplated doing exactly that. They might not have a stateroom, but their bedroom was close enough to count, right? But then he heard Rose’s muffled snort and knew from her laughter that the moment was gone. And while he was fairly confident he could bring it back, he wanted to give her the party she’d been looking forward to]
    The Doctor: Quite right. Sorry about that. I just got… a little carried away when I saw how beautiful my wife looks tonight.
    Steward: She is lovely, but all the same, I must ask you to maintain the decorum that would have been expected on the original Titanic’s maiden voyage. A chaste kiss is acceptable; kisses that seem to be a prelude to indecent acts are not.
    [The Doctor nodded sharply, then spun around and walked off—and good thing, too, because Rose couldn’t restrain her laughter any longer]
    Rose Tyler: "Indecent acts!” That was worse than the hayride driver on our honeymoon, with his ‘no canoodling’ rule. I haven’t been hand-checked on a dance floor since I was fifteen.

    "Taking Time" 
  • The Doctor and Rose take a month off at one point to tour England in 1969. On their last weekend, they stay in a holiday cottage on the Isle of Wight not too far from the one they stayed in when they took their anniversary vacation two years prior. Since that was only a week ago for the locals, Rose cracks up as she speculates that the locals probably think they're "some posh couple with too much money who can afford to take a holiday every other weekend".
    • While on the beach, musing, the Doctor and Rose begin making out, and it's only when an elderly couple walk by and cast pointed glances at them that they consider their surroundings.

     "Forever and Never Apart" 
  • During "Partners in Crime," when the Doctor and Rose are infiltrating Adipose Industries for the second day, Rose wears a hat to hide her face from the cameras:
    The Doctor: So, what’s with the hat?
    Rose Tyler: Well, if I ran a company that was doing something as shady as turning my customers into a breeding ground for an alien species, I’d be on the lookout for any suspicious behaviour. Like, for instance, someone who claimed to be a temp and then disappeared after only a few hours.
    The Doctor: Ahhh. Very clever.
    Rose Tyler: I have my moments. [She giggled when the Doctor tickled her ribs for copying his line] The hat’s making my head itch, though. [She took it off and shook her hair out, letting it fall back around her shoulders]
    The Doctor: Oi! Hair in my mouth!
  • After running into Donna, as she accompanies the Doctor and Rose down to the closet where Miss Foster's inducer is located, Donna takes a moment to comment on the lighting being so reminiscent of the Racnoss' lair.
    Donna Noble: Oh, this looks familiar. I know what you meant now, Rose. Mood lighting.
  • When confronting Miss Foster, she brings up Rose being the temp who so abruptly disappeared.
  • Mickey when he prepares to use the dimension cannon for the first time: he asks Jake Simmonds and Dr. Malcolm Taylor, “You’re sure you’ve got the telemetry fixed? I’m not going to end up in that universe where the Nazis won the war again, am I?”
  • When Donna says she wants to go to Ancient Rome, the Doctor and Rose have a moment telling Donna about the events of The Stone Rose:
    The Doctor: Hopefully this trip will be a little less… eventful than that one.
    Donna Noble: Why? What happened the last time you went to Rome?
    The Doctor: Oh, nothing much. You know… found a GENIE, got turned into statues, that sort of thing.
    The Doctor: We got better!
  • Whilst hanging out with Caecilius's family, Metalla offers Rose and Donna new clothes, noting something the Doctor failed to consider:
    Metella: Thank you for trying to help. Could I offer you something in return? [She looked at them for a moment, then brightened] New clothes, perhaps? With a palla to drape over your hair, so you will be properly attired.
    [Donna choked. She’d watched enough period dramas to understand what Metella was trying to hint at delicately]
    Donna Noble: That… that git! [Rose burst into a fit of giggles] “Like Soho," he said! Not one word about how people would think we were prossies.
    Rose Tyler: So, like Soho twenty years ago.
  • After "The Fires of Pompeii," the Doctor and Rose can't help but start making out over breakfast in the TARDIS. They don't even notice Donna come in until she loudly shouts "Good morning!" then adds, "I know this is your home, but I think we need to make a list of places I don’t want to catch you snogging. Scratch that, I’d rather not catch you snogging anywhere.” The Doctor promptly tries to unsuccessfully flatten his hair from its unkempt look, much to Donna's amusement.
  • Donna is one of the first to note Rose acting more and more like the Doctor, as happens when Rose suggests she take a turn at piloting the TARDIS:
    Rose Tyler: Donna Noble, what would you like to do today? [Donna snorted and pointed from Rose to the Doctor]
    Donna Noble: Do you know how much you sound like him sometimes?
    The Doctor: Oi! [The Doctor sniffed and adjusted the knot on his burgundy tie] I don’t know why you say that like it’s a bad thing.
    Donna Noble: Maybe not all the time, Spaceman, but we really only need one over-the-top alien on this ship.
    • To explain what it's like to fly the TARDIS, the Doctor and Rose explain the mechanics using a railway station analogy:
    The Doctor: All right. The very first thing I’m going to teach you is how to move through the Time Vortex. That’s where we are right now.
    Donna Noble: What is the Vortex?
    The Doctor: Too complicated to explain to someone who doesn’t have an advanced understanding of temporal mechanics.
    [Rose cleared her throat and shook her head when the Doctor looked up at her. He shrugged and gestured, as if to say, "If you’d like to explain…" She nodded sharply, then smiled at Donna]
    Rose Tyler: The Time Vortex is the fifth dimension, Donna. It’s a physical space that encompasses time. Picture it… like King’s Cross Station.
    The Doctor: [snorts] Been reading Harry Potter again, Rose?
    Rose Tyler: Oi! It works. [She looked at Donna again] So, there are twelve platforms at King’s Cross, right? Plus, from there you can get to almost every line on the Tube.
    Donna Noble: So the Vortex is like a hub.
    The Doctor: I take it back, Rose—that’s a rather brilliant analogy.
    Rose Tyler: [preening] Why thank you.
    The Doctor: [to Donna] So, following that explanation, what we do when we’re ready to leave the Vortex is navigate through it until we find the right platform. That’s the part I want to teach you today.
  • Martha's introduction to Donna at the start of "The Sontaran Strategem":
    Martha Jones: You must be the new companion. I’m Martha—Martha Jones.
    Donna Noble: Donna Noble. Lovely to meet someone else mad enough to travel with these two.
    The Doctor and Rose Tyler: Oi!
    Martha Jones: [grins] Oh, I like you, Donna.
    The Doctor: So, Martha, we were wondering on our way here if you’d taken your exams yet. [To his surprise, a secretive smile flitted across her face]
    Martha Jones: Not exactly...
  • Martha introduces the Doctor and Rose to Colonel Mace, with it being noted that Rose's role as the Doctor's grounding influence has made it into the UNIT files.
    Martha Jones: Operation Blue Sky complete, sir. Thanks for letting me take the lead. And, this is the Doctor and Rose Tyler. Doctor, Rose; Colonel Mace.
    Colonel Mace: Sir, Ma’am. [Colonel Mace snapped to attention and saluted]
    Colonel Mace: But it’s an honour, sir. I’ve read all the files on you. [to Rose] The Brigadier was very impressed when he met you, ma’am. Said you were the perfect partner for the Doctor. "The only one who can keep up with him, and rein in his more harebrained schemes," I believe were the exact words he used.
    [The Doctor was torn between indignation over the characterisation of his adventures, amusement at his old friend’s words, and pride in Rose. In the end, he settled for rolling his eyes, just as Colonel Mace looked back at him]
    • Rose speaks up to keep the Doctor from getting too hostile with Colonel Mace for the whole militarization of UNIT:
    Rose Tyler: There’s really no need to call the Doctor sir, Colonel. I’m sure the Brig told you we don’t like to stand on ceremony. Our names are fine—the Doctor and Rose. [He hesitated a moment, then nodded slowly]
    Colonel Mace: Sir Alistair did say something along those lines. Something about… the Doctor not appreciating all the military folderol. [Rose’s humour brightened the Doctor’s mood]
    Rose Tyler: That’s a fairly accurate representation.
  • Martha gets a moment to make fun of the Doctor and Rose being not so attuned to Earth technology. Something Donna commiserates with her over:
    Rose Tyler: What’s ATMOS?
    Donna Noble: Oh, come on. Even I know that. Everyone’s got ATMOS.
    Rose Tyler: We don’t exactly have a car.
    Martha Jones: [chuckles] You know, I’d forgotten how much you could sound like him sometimes.
    Donna Noble: [grins] Oh, I told her that just this morning! Finally, someone else who can see it, too.
    The Doctor: [raises his hand] All right! I won’t ask—again—what’s so bad about sounding like me. Instead, I’ll just point out that so far, no one has actually answered our question about what ATMOS is. It seems like this is a bit time sensitive, if anyone would like to get on that?
  • Rose, when Colonel Mace wonders why she and the Doctor aren't using the TARDIS to get to the Rattigan Academy.
    Colonel Mace: According to the records you travel by TARDIS.
    Rose Tyler: We do, but she’s not really a London Hopper—she’s more a long-haul vehicle. Plus, to be honest Colonel, if Luke Rattigan is involved in the mess here, I’d like to keep the TARDIS as far from him as possible. I know too many geniuses. He’d probably try to take her apart.
  • When taking Jenny into the TARDIS, the Doctor and Rose are so accustomed to the "It's Bigger on the Inside" punchline that new companions make when they first set foot in the TARDIS, that the two of them, plus Martha and Donna, stand like an audience as they wait for Jenny to say the line.
    Rose Tyler: Are you ready for this? [she fitted her key into the lock. Jenny looked at the blue box, then at the four other people who were waiting to step inside]
    Jenny: I feel like there’s a joke I’m not getting.
    Rose Tyler: [winks] Oh, there is, but the punchline is all yours. [She pushed the door open, then moved to stand with the Doctor while Jenny took her first steps into the TARDIS]
    Jenny: But… that’s… [Jenny stood on the ramp and turned in a slow circle] ...She’s bigger on the inside!
    [She blinked when everyone laughed at those familiar words, and Rose was the first to step forward and hug her]
    Rose Tyler: Trust me, we all felt like you do the first time we stepped inside. Except maybe the Doctor, and he grew up around TARDISes, so it wasn’t a surprise to him.
    The Doctor: No, but I still thought she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.
  • Jenny being born from a progenation machine leads to plenty of priceless Fish out of Water moments.
  • The Doctor and Rose decide to pass Rose off as Jenny's mother even though the soldiers on Messaline didn't take any DNA samples from Rose to progenate for Jenny. Thing is, despite being a technical infant, Jenny's got the body of a 23 year old, about the same age that Rose is in human years. The obvious logistical flaw this results in happens right away in "The Unicorn and the Wasp", when the Doctor is introducing himself and his entourage to Lady Eddison. Lady Eddison is quick to point out that Rose looks too young to be Jenny's mother.
    Lady Eddison: You can’t possibly be old enough to be this young woman’s mother, Mrs. Tyler.
    Rose Tyler: [smiles] Trust me, my lady, I’m older than I look. My physician makes a special tonic that I’ve taken every day since I met him.note 
  • The initial crime scene investigation into Professor Peach's murder gets a few zingers added in thanks to the addition of Rose and Jenny to the mix:
    Jenny: So maybe we’re not here for the jewel thief after all.
    The Doctor: So it would seem, Jenny.
    Donna Noble: Hold on. The Body in the Library? [He immediately recognised the words as the title of an Agatha Christie novel, but he had a feeling that wasn’t Donna’s point. She shook her head, but there was an excited gleam in her eyes] I mean, Professor Peach, in the library, with the lead piping?
    Jenny: That’s like that game we played the other night, Dad. Cluedo?
    [The remaining guests and their hosts crowded into the small room before the Doctor could answer either woman’s question. Lady Eddison was beside herself, and the entire party exclaimed, in restrained terms, over how horrible the death was]
    Agatha Christie: Someone should call the police. [The Doctor shook his head. If the TARDIS had dropped them here on purpose, there was a good chance the situation was more than a human policeman could handle. He showed the psychic paper again, focusing primarily on Agatha Christie]
    The Doctor: You don’t have to. Chief Inspector Tyler from Scotland Yard, known as the Doctor. My family and I are on holiday, but it appears death doesn’t take a holiday. [Rose snorted softly, and he winked at her]
    Lady Eddison: I say... [The Doctor met her questioning gaze with a steady one of his own]
    The Doctor: Mrs. Christie was right. Go into the sitting room. I will question each of you in turn.
    Agatha Christie: Come along. [She ushered everyone out of the room] Do as the Doctor says. Leave the room undisturbed. [As soon as they had the room to themselves again, the Doctor got down on the floor in front of the body, while Rose bent down and patted at the professor’s pockets. There had to be something they were missing…]
    Jenny: When we said we were going to a party, I wasn’t expecting we’d find a dead body. I mean… the other adventures we’ve had, we’ve been thrown right in from the start.
    Rose Tyler: It’s like that sometimes, Jenny. We go to a party, thinking we’re just going to have a bit of fun, and then something happens.
    Donna Noble: Although this is the first time the adventure has been anything as mundane as a murder mystery,” Donna added. [The Doctor spotted a drop of slime on the floor]
    The Doctor: Maybe not so mundane. [He scraped some of the slime up. He jumped up and showed it to the three of them] Morphic residue.
    Rose Tyler: The stuff shape-shifting aliens leave behind when they change form?
    The Doctor: Exactly.
    Jenny: [excitedly] The murderer’s an alien?
    The Doctor: [nods] Which means one of that lot is an alien in human form.
    Donna Noble: Yeah, but think about it. [Donna put her hand on his shoulder] There’s a murder, a mystery, and Agatha Christie.
    The Doctor: So? Happens to me all the time. [He sniffed the residue and then stuck it under Rose’s nose]
    Rose Tyler: Smells like burnt toast.
    The Doctor: Which means our murderer is an insectoid… though that doesn’t narrow it down much.
    Donna Noble: Like I was saying...[her blue eyes narrowed in determination as she pressed her point] Agatha Christie didn’t walk around surrounded by murders. Not really. I mean, that’s like meeting Charles Dickens and he’s surrounded by ghosts at Christmas.
    Rose Tyler: We’ve done that actually. And Shakespeare and witches.
    Donna Noble: Oh, come on! [Donna rolled her eyes] And I suppose now you’re going to tell me we could drive across country and find Enid Blyton having tea with Noddy. [Rose kept a straight face, and Donna’s jaw dropped] Noddy’s not real. Is he? Tell me there’s no Noddy! [The Doctor bent down to look her in the eyes]
    The Doctor: There’s no Noddy. [He jogged out of the room]
    Rose Tyler: Sorry, Donna, but they can’t all be real.
    Donna Noble: I suppose.
    Jenny: Who's Noddy? [Rose and Donna laughed]
    Rose Tyler: He’s a character in a series of books. We’ve got them on the TARDIS—you can read them later. [Donna grabbed them both by the hand]
    Donna Noble: Come on, let’s go after the Doctor, before he gets into alien trouble without us.

  • The "spoilers" conversation that the Doctor and Rose overhear Melody having with Anita about them not being the Doctor and Rose she's acquainted with. Evidently, at Melody's last Christmas before coming to the Library, Jackie spiked the punch with ginger trying to get the Doctor drunk, "because it just isn’t fair that [the Doctor] doesn’t get drunk like the rest of us." When she tries to apologize for accidentally giving this Doctor and Rose knowledge of their futures, the Doctor gives her a reassuring hug.
    The Doctor: It’s fine, Melody. A little foreknowledge won’t damage the timelines.
    Melody Pond: Yeah?
    Melody Pond: And… I didn’t muck up the timelines too much? I know I gave you some future information.
    Rose Tyler: Not that much. And the Doctor kept his promise and let Mum get him drunk at Christmas last year, even though he could taste the ginger. [The Doctor pouted, and both women giggled]

  • In "Forest of the Dead," Rose invokes Bad Wolf and her connection to the TARDIS to scare away the Vashta Nerada. The Doctor is both terrified and turned on by her display of power. So while preparing to wire the TARDIS to the Library's mainframe:
    The Doctor: You were terrifying and sexy as hell. The way you took charge and stared down the Vashta Nerada… I’m still trying to figure out how I can be absolutely petrified and completely turned on at the same time.
    [Rose finally recognised the desire burning hot over the bond. It was so entwined with his fear that the sensations had merged to feel like something new and different—something she hadn’t been able to name until he’d explained it. It was a heady combination. But for now, she wanted to ease his fear. She was fine—she knew that instinctively. Rose watched him work, saw how hard he was focusing on what he was doing, and she knew how to shake him out of his fear. She hopped out of the jump seat and leaned on a smooth section of the console only a few inches away from where he was working. The Doctor’s hands stilled and she reached over to touch his arm]
    Rose Tyler: [breathy] Well…if you’re debating which one to act on…[She trailed her fingers down his arm]
    The Doctor: [squeaky] Rose! We’re in the middle of saving four thousand people.
  • Chapter 32, "The Doctor of Christmas Yet to Come", a chapter which provides an early appearance from the Twelfth Doctor, and the awkwardness that ensues when Ten catches Rose making out with Twelve. Oh, and a younger Rose helping a stressed Twelve pick out a Christmas present for her future self.
  • The Doctor, Rose, Donna and Jenny go to the Shadow Proclamation after the Earth is stolen.
    • As they study the list of missing planets, it's clear the Shadow Architect is not up to date about the Doctor now being a family man with a wife, daughter, and surrogate sister, from the way she ignores them until Rose speaks.
    Shadow Architect: Who is the female?
    Rose Tyler: I’m Rose. Rose Tyler. Other half of the Stuff of Legend. [She looked over her shoulder at the Doctor, an eyebrow arched] Blimey, they’re a little behind the times around here, aren’t they?
    The Doctor: [resisting the urge to laugh] Apparently...
    Jenny: [steps forward] And I’m Jenny Tyler. I’m their daughter.
    Donna Noble: [angrily] Yeah, I notice you didn’t ask about us. I’m Donna, by the way. I’m a human being. Maybe not the stuff of legend, but every bit as important as Time Lords, thank you.
    The Shadow Architect: [to the Doctor] You travel with an entourage, Time Lord.
    The Doctor: [blithely] Oh, I’m just the chauffeur.
    • Rose tries to chime in while the Doctor and the Shadow Architect are putting together the map of the stolen planets, but is constantly frozen out of the conversation by the Architect. Noticing Donna and Jenny awkwardly standing on the sidelines, she sits next to them to commiserate.
    Rose Tyler: Well it seems I’m not quite legendary enough for my input to be sought after. Come on, let’s sit on the steps like the peasants we obviously are.
  • When Mickey rescues Wilf and Sylvia from a Dalek trying to kill them, Wilf is trying to subdue it with a paint gun (which isn't working because the Dalek can burn the paint off its eyestalk). Mickey shoots it dead, and then Wilf holds up the paint gun and asks, "Do you want to swap?”
    • Mickey squeeing as he's introduced to the rest of Torchwood Three's team, having worked with their parallel universe counterparts in Pete's World. Especially Ianto.
    Jack Harknes: What the…[Jack was sitting on the floor ten feet away from where Mickey had materialised, but he jumped to his feet when he heard the new voice. His eyes widened when he saw who had joined them] Well, if it isn’t Mickey Mouse!
    Mickey Smith: [grins] You can talk, Captain Cheesecake! [Jack laughed and swept him into a hug]
    Jack Harkness: It’s good to see you—and that’s Beefcake.
    [Mickey groaned and pushed away from Jack just as another man cleared his throat. He looked over Jack’s shoulder to find a surprisingly familiar face]
    Mickey Smith: Well, the parallel version of Ianto Jones. [Even after five years, meeting a parallel version of someone he knew in a different universe threw him]
    Ianto Jones: [perplexed] You seem to be implying that you’re from a parallel universe, but multiversal theory suggests that if other universes exist, they are completely separate from each other.
    Mickey Smith: [snorts] Definitely parallel Ianto. Yeah, that’s the way it’s supposed to be, but when reality starts to fall apart, well, apparently the walls between the universes are the first things to go.
    Jack Harkness: Ianto Jones, meet Mickey Smith. Mickey and I go way back, to my days before Torchwood.
  • As Sarah Jane is captured and taken to the Crucible, she shakes her head in displeasure at the fact that the Daleks haven’t updated their interior decorating in the years since she’d last encountered them on Skaro.
  • Mickey reunites with Rose, the Doctor, Jack, Donna and Jenny on the London street at the end of "The Stolen Earth". Him being introduced to Jenny, and Jack being introduced to Donna, leads to some priceless gems:
    Mickey Smith: So, Boss, I think a few introductions might be in order.
    The Doctor: Right, yes. [The Doctor pressed his tongue to the back of his teeth and nodded once]
    Jack Harkness: [to Donna and Jenny] Captain Jack Harkness. Pleasure to finally meet you in person, Ginger.
    The Doctor: Jack… [The Doctor pinched the bridge of his nose. The whole exchange was just so predictable and boring]
    Donna Noble: Oh, Rose has told me about you.
    The Doctor: Of course she has. [Jenny tilted her head and studied him for a moment, then she turned to the Doctor]
    Jenny: I don’t understand. In all the stories, Jack is your friend. So why don’t you sound like you want us to get to know him, Dad?
    Mickey Smith and Jack Harkness: [in unison] Dad?
    [Rose laughed harder, then moved over to Jenny, putting her hands on her shoulders]
    Rose Tyler: Mickey, Jack—I’d like you to meet our daughter, Jenny Tyler. [Mickey’s jaw was almost on the floor]
    Mickey Smith: Blimey, I know this thing is a time machine, but how long has it been for the two of you?
    Rose Tyler: No, you plum. She was… well, it’s a long story, but the short version is that she’s only about six months old. She was born a full adult.
    Donna Noble: You know, the fact that that is not the strangest thing that’s happened in the last year is really saying something. [She looked at Mickey] And who are you, then? My name’s Donna—Donna Noble.
    Mickey Smith: [grins] Mickey Smith. Rose and me grew up together on the Estate, and I’ve been living for the last five years in a parallel universe. Looking to move back home, though.
    [Even though Rose had known Mickey would be coming back, she hadn’t let herself hope it would be permanent. The life she could see in the future was almost too good to be true]
    Rose Tyler: Are you really?
    Mickey Smith: [nods] Yeah. So’s your family, if we can get through this day without the universe ending. [He glanced at Jenny] Promise me you’ll let me watch when you tell Jackie she’s a gran.
    • Two chapters later, when Jack, Sarah Jane, Jackie and Pete are bluffing Davros with the Warp Star.
    Jack Harkness: Captain Jack Harkness, calling all Dalek boys and girls. [Jack was holding a bundle of wires up in front of the camera] Are you receiving me? Don’t send in your goons, or I’ll set this thing off.
    Jenny: He’s still alive? [notices Pete and Jackie] And…who’s that, behind Sarah Jane? [The Doctor glanced over at his daughter, then at his mother-in-law onscreen]
    The Doctor: Well. That’s… that’s your gran and granddad.
    [He winced when Jackie shrieked, silenced almost immediately by Pete’s hand over her mouth. Off to the side in his own holding cell, Mickey chortled.]
    The Doctor: Captain, what are you doing? [He chose to focus on the universe ending and not the fact that he’d just given Jackie the biggest shock of her life. At least, he assumed meeting your alien grandchild trumped learning aliens existed]
    • Subsequently, when Jack, Sarah Jane, Jackie, Pete and Martha are teleported into the Vault:
    Mickey Smith: [glaring at Pete] I can’t believe you brought Jackie.
    Pete Tyler: [rolling his eyes] She came on her own.
    Jackie Tyler: [scowling at the Doctor] Good thing I did, or I wouldn’t know I had a granddaughter.
    • Bad Wolf is causing Rose's skin to glow as she finishes eradicating the Daleks:
    Donna Noble: You’re… glowing. I mean, never mind the rest of it—how you survived the Z-neuron energy or whatever it’s called, and how you even got here… Your skin is glowing, Rose.
    [Jackie left Pete standing with Mickey and walked over to them. Rose winked at her over Donna’s shoulder]
    Rose Tyler: I get my youthful glow from my mum.
    Jackie Tyler: [snorts] Oh, don’t even try it. There’s no beauty creme that can do that. [She took Rose’s hand and held her arm up] You can see the light shifting, look. So, come on then—what’s this mean, you’re part you and part TARDIS? [The Doctor straightened up from the terminal and exchanged a grin with Rose]
    Jenny: That’s because she is, Dad.
    The Doctor: Oi!
    Rose Tyler: [giggles] And this is why. I promise we’ll explain it better later when we have more time, but the short version is that I can… merge with the TARDIS.
    Jackie Tyler: [faintly] My daughter is part spaceship!
    • Jackie takes advantage of this lull to try to grill the Doctor about Jenny, and the Doctor seems relieved when Davros interrupts the moment:
    Jackie Tyler: Well, that’s one question answered. But I’ve got another one. How long has it been for you two, if this is my granddaughter? [She pointed to Jenny and lifted her chin in challenge. The Doctor winced when Rose looked up at him, her eyes wide]
    Rose Tyler: You told her?!
    The Doctor: It just slipped out! [He pulled his rods again and sent Callufrax Minor and Jahoo back] And Jackie, it’s not like that. Jenny is…["Don’t you dare tell my mum your daughter isn’t mine!" Rose ordered. And just in time. The Doctor snapped his mouth shut when he realised exactly how that would have sounded to Jackie] um… it’s complicated.
    [Thankfully, Davros started talking again, interrupting any other questions Jackie might have had]
    Jackie Tyler: You know, some of us are waiting to go home while you’re back here snogging each other’s faces off.
    Rose Tyler: Mum...[Rose groaned and hid her face in the Doctor’s chest for a moment. Jackie snorted, and the Doctor could imagine her rolling her eyes]
    Jackie Tyler: Well you’ll learn soon enough, Rose Tyler, that it’s not pleasant to see someone shoving their tongue down your daughter’s throat. [Rose made an incoherent noise of frustration, and the Doctor turned around to look at Jackie]
    The Doctor: I think you’ll find it was your daughter’s tongue down my throat.
    [Of course, Jackie wasn’t the only one who heard his parting quip, he realised when he stepped back into the console room and caught the hidden smiles and Jack’s approving grin. The tips of his ears warmed, and he jogged to the console to redirect their attention.]
    • Once Davros is handled, Jackie finally gets the explanation about Jenny:
    Jackie Tyler: Oh, it’s about time the two of you explained how you’ve got an adult daughter.
    Rose Tyler: Well, Jenny wasn’t exactly born in the traditional sense.
    Jackie Tyler: [eyeroll] Oh, alien weddings are one thing, but this is too much!
    Pete Tyler: Let them explain, Jacks.
    Jackie Tyler: [mouthing at the Doctor] Pervy alien...
    The Doctor: Oi! I am not a pervy alien!
    Rose Tyler: No, Mum. I mean, Jenny only has one parent. Technically, she’s just the Doctor’s daughter, not mine.
    [It took the entire trip through the Void—a good ten minutes—to explain progenation to Jackie. But finally, just as the trip smoothed out, indicating they were in the Vortex in Pete’s World, it seemed to click. She shook her head and looked at Jenny]
    Jackie Tyler: You’re only six months old then?
    Jenny: I suppose?
    Jackie Tyler: [chuckling] Well, at least Tony is actually older than his niece, though I suppose you’ll have a fun time explaining how that’s possible.
    • Jackie isn't entirely excited about the idea of having to live in Cardiff, and complains why she and Pete couldn't be resettled in Birmingham or Manchester. The Doctor wisely tunes her out.
  • Donna upon being dropped back at home post-"Journey's End": “We’re in Ealing, yeah? If I take the Tube, I’m only half an hour from home. And Mum and Gramps…"note 
    • There's a subtle Brick Joke from "The Runaway Bride", in that Rose asks Donna if she's got enough money on her Oyster Card for the fare. Donna confirms she does, not wanting a repeat of when she and the Doctor were trying and failing to hail a cab at Christmas with no cash.
  • Post-"Journey's End," Donna sitting down with her mother and discussing the Dalek invasion. Turns out that even Sylvia likens the Daleks' armored casings to giant mobile pepperpots.
    Sylvia Noble: ...giant pepper pots rolling down the street. Just shooting everyone with lasers. Although if you ask me, whoever designed those robots really should have used something other than egg beaters. Not very intimidating, really.
    Donna Noble: Well, they seemed to be pretty effective, so I’m not sure they need to worry about any possible design issues.
    • Donna actually agrees with her mother's description, as she privately confides to Wilf:
    Wilfred Mott: You were there, weren’t you? Stopping those things from destroying the Earth.
    Donna Noble: Yeah, I was.
    Wilfred Mott: I was going to call you. Stars kept going out, and I thought, ‘I bet Donna could help.’ And then suddenly there were planets in the sky and those pepper pots on the ground.
    Donna Noble: [laughs] They’re called Daleks. But they do kind of look like pepper pots, don’t they?
  • The Doctor and Rose discover that a plush rug in front of a warm fireplace is a great place to have sex. Not so much for basking in the afterglow, as the rug proves to be itchy.

     "Forever Timeless" 
  • The story opens with the Doctor and Rose helping Jackie and Pete get settled into their house in Cardiff. The Doctor evidently has a hard time helping Pete with assembling IKEA furniture for Tony's bedroom because there's no setting on the sonic screwdriver for Allen keys.
    The Doctor: I need to create a setting on the sonic for Allen keys. Those belong on a list of forbidden torture devices.
    [Jackie’s snort interrupted Rose’s teasing response]
    Jackie Tyler: And here I thought you were some kind of superior alien. How the mighty have fallen—defeated by an Ikea flat pack.
    [Rose listened to the Doctor’s internal debate, weighing the merits of defending himself against the likelihood that Jackie would dump the glass of water over his head. In the end, he only rolled his eyes and said]
    The Doctor: Thankfully, the fate of the universe has never rested on my ability to put together furniture named after obscure Scandinavian locales.
  • While the Doctor and Rose have been helping Jackie and Pete, Donna has been off traveling the Earth with Jenny. They decide to pick Donna and Jenny up from Heathrow rather than take the TARDIS directly to them, which means standing in the area outside customs where hired drivers generally wait for their clients, with a completely inconspicuous sign to identify themselves.
    Donna Noble: “TARDIS for Miss Noble and Miss Tyler?” [Donna rolled her eyes.]
    [The Doctor turned the sign around and studied it]
    The Doctor: Well, we wouldn’t want anyone else to think they could get a free ride.
    Jenny: We told you we’d take the train to Cardiff, though. [Donna nudged her gently with her elbow]
    Donna Noble: You owe me ten quid, Jenny. I told you they wouldn’t be able to resist surprising us.
    [The Doctor’s mouth fell open, and when he looked over at Rose he was thankful to see that at least she was as surprised as he was. Jenny hitched her backpack up on her shoulders]
    Jenny: I still say giving them the flight information was cheating.
    The Doctor: I didn’t realise we were so predictable. [Donna smirked and turned her suitcase so he could take the handle]
    Donna Noble: We just know you too well.

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