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Funny / Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey

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  • When Ilmeria first introduces herself, Firis bites her tongue trying to pronounce her name. She gets called Il for short.
    Firis: Ilme..Il...meri...uh I bit my tongue.
  • Anytime Revy goes into one of his passionate rants
  • For that matter, here's how it goes down the first time he shows up: A man shows up at the atelier and asks Firis to fix a key. When she finally does, she and Liane discuss the "strange man" who gave them the key, only for him to appear again the atelier and ask why they're calling him strange. Firis immediately refers to him as the "strange man" again and asks about what he's doing there. He says that he figured the key might be repaired by now and to stop calling him a strange man. The entire time, the subtitles are identifying him as "Strange Person," until he finally gives his name.
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  • You have the option to split up with party members. However, Liane is Firis's big sister and her overseer, so she won't leave. Nevertheless, the option still provided. However, if you try...
    Liane: You can't do that. I'm your overseer. I'll never split up with you.
    Liane: No! Definitely not! I don't want to! Or do you not like me anymore, Firis?!
  • After Firis passes the license exam, she returns to Ertona, but then decides it's time to go journeying again. When she goes to her parents to tell them she has something important to tell them, her father Lukas hilariously comes to the conclusion that she met someone outside and is about to tell them that she's getting married.
  • Many of the quotes you can get when examining items in the Encyclopedia are a font of amusement, unfortunately, many players will never see them, since there's little real reason to examine them. Here's one example, though, if you examine the Gunade Ring accessory...
    Firis: Lia! This is for you!
    Liane: This couldn't be. A wedding ring?! I know I can be a little incompetent, but I acc-.
    Firis: No this is a ring to boost abilities.
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  • Firis's Talking in Your Sleep comments when using the sleep function for the bed in the atelier, which include such gems as...
    Firis: Ohohohoho, my name is Firis! Princess of the Firis Kingdom... Nnn...
  • The title of the game can be read by any of several characters on the title screen. If it's Plachta reading...
    Plachta: Atelier Plachta... just joking. Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey.

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