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Funny / Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

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  • Clone mentions that she and Escha have been "exposed" and teases Logy by telling him about Escha. He quickly changes topic, but his thoughts drift back to her.
    Logy: N-No, I shouldn't think about that.
  • When Linca tells Escha that she's not good at doing paperwork, Escha tells her that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Linca takes this as a cue to simply abandon doing paperwork because she'll never be good at it, and just focus on what she is good at, combat. This gets her chewed out by their boss, Marion.
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  • Escha considers using the homunculi as a loophole to synthesize near-unlimited amounts of sweet treats for herself.
  • Duke adds sweets to the menu in hopes of attracting more women. It attracts more men instead, frustrating him since there's a sizable sweet-toothed men population. When Escha brings up she's a girl, he gives us this gem:
    Duke: Ha, come now, Escha. We both know you eat more like a man.
    Logy:...I think you actually have a point there.
  • Katia tries to swindle Nio again only for it to have been revealed she's been selling below Market Price for a lot of different things, like an ancient rare book.
  • Lucille approaches Threia regarding "getting bigger." Threia thinks she's talking about breast size.
    • In the anime version, she asks this of Escha while everyone is in the hot springs and several other characters get in on the fun, but it's Escha that takes the heat. Linca thinks she's talking about muscle size.
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  • Threia's opinion on why the R&D division is "inefficient."
    Threia: You people are eating and sleeping every day! No wonder you're not getting anything done.
  • Logy considers the fact that Marion's been working for the government for ten years, and if she started when she was Escha's age, then...
    Marion: Never calculate a woman's age in right in front of her. It's VERY rude, you know?
  • Escha's bonus voice track has her voice actress, Rie Murakawa, repeatedly gushing over how attractive Logy is.
    Rie Murakawa: Logy-san!!! You're so good looking!!!
  • Colland gets flustered when Duke mentions that he got so hammered in the past he spent the night dancing naked. It leads to a brawl.
  • Linca's cooking skills remain deadly. When Awin tastes some, he has to lie down and then Logy hears she wants to give it to Marion. He tells her tastes it beforehand and then watches as she walks away.
    Logy:...I've done all I could. If she tries feeding this to you, Marion, please just give up...
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  • Both Reyfer and Logy tell Lucille and Escha not to start collecting models at the same time, citing it as basically a money sink. Lucille's fine since she's rich, but Escha would be a lost cause.
  • One of the little subplots is a guy encouraging his drinking buddy to go after a girl who has his eye. He does... only for the first guy to realize its his daughter.
  • Micie asks Logy for help writing a Love Letter to Katia. He states it'll be simply to simply write "I really like you" since she wouldn't read a word. Micie thinks he was just belittling him, but he was serious.
    • Sure enough, when he tries to give it to her she can't make out anything but his name in the end.
  • The Food Eating Contest. Logy goes down first, then Linca cleans out the competition with relative ease.
  • Marion gets hammered during one of Threia's events in the bar and turns vulgar. We're talking "groping Threia's breasts" level. Escha and Logy both agree that they should just slip away before being noticed.
  • Reyfer and the others find a solid gold statue of a Slag. The alchemists and Threia try to find some excuse, but they can only come to the conclusion that it was just someone with incredibly tacky tastes.
  • Logy's Guy's Association Ending has him, Awin, Reyfer, and Micie going to Duke's bar. When they learn how many girls Logy works around, they start complaining (except for Micie, who is just confused).
    Awin: "I'm Logy. I'm surrounded by cute women, ba bloo ba bloo..." C'mere, ya big wuss! Take THIS! And THIS!
    Logy: H-Hey, knock it off, Awin! Dammit, you're completely wasted!
    Reyfer: Yea, get 'im, Awin! Lemme in on a piece of that action! Ha ha ha!

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