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  • Trixie's Adjectival Heroine cognomens. It's not just that she refers to herself as "The Great and Powerful Trixie" normally in speech, it's that she also does so in her thoughts and she makes up new ones on the fly. This is especially funny when she's trying to excuse her own actions to herself, as in thinking of herself as "the Correct and Rightly-Behaving Trixie, or at worst the Misguided and Carnally-Confused Trixie" when remembering how she wound up drunkenly losing her virginity to Piercing Gaze. It counts as a sad moment, too, because it's what ruined her friendship with Piercing, but the way she puts it is hilarious.
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  • In the first chapter, Trixie's protracted fantasy of murdering Bottom Billing is pretty damn funny in a dark sort of way. It's also meant to clue in the reader to the fact that Trixie is not the sanest mare in Equestria — and that she has problems with Bottom's attitude — but the way she goes down her list of methods, comforting herself by reminding herself that murdering Bottom is possible ...

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