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Funny / The Shadow Wars

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Who says a cosmic war between good and evil isn't full of laughs?

Crowning Moments of Funny include

  • Almost any part of the Great and Powerful Trixie's internal monologue when she's not actually fighting for her life.
    • Her constant invention of heroic epithets for herself, adjusted as required for the situation.
    • The obvious mismatch between Trixie's perceptions of how she presents herself to others (projecting a calm, ladylike dignity) and the reality of how they must see her (a crazy mage with a Hair-Trigger Temper).
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    • Her strange little fantasies of social dominance, ranging from murder-fantasies regarding Ponies she doesn't like, to romantic fantasies of being courted to absurd degrees by Piercing Gaze (the latter doubles as Heartwarming).
  • Claire "Least Noticeable" Pie's rather Victorian description of having evil cultists try to get her involved in bizarre and perhaps sexual summoning rituals.
    The very few Ponies who were attracted to her all seemed unwholesome to her emotion-sense; she feared they wanted her for immoral and perhaps apocalyptic purposes. They mostly slunk into town in long black cloaks and hissed at her in languages she did not want to understand of vile secrets involving creatures far less friendly than Paradise, asking her to perform favors for them which were entirely out of the question.
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  • Twilight Sparkle's total surprise, in Divine Jealousy And The Voice Of Reason when she discovers that two of her Companions have fallen in love (Fluttershy with Bulk Biceps, and Pinkie Pie with Cheese Sandwich), coupled with the fact that every other one of her Companions knew this already, and that all of them tell her to her face that she is Oblivious to Love.

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