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  • More a crowning campaign of funny, but Commodore Acaltha's mission in the Jericho system qualifies, from the sheer amount of insane tactics and ludicrous stunts they pull. Things such as:
    • overloading the Minbari's communication systems with everything from Klingon Opera to 20th Century J-Pop
    • playing a shell game with holographic decoys and real Klingon ships to sow confusion among the Minbari ranks
    • and after these and many more tricks, the final slap in the face: surrendering the Jericho system to the Minbari after an entire month... only to reveal that it had already been evacuated before the first Minbari ship ever arrived in system.

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  • A group of Earthforce fighters panic as an unrecognizable ship appears out of nowhere. One of the pilots, a rookie panics and fires a pair of nuclear missiles at it. The wing commander panics, thinking that they've started another front in the war... only for the Excelsior to have completely ignored the nukes flipped its way. Captain Sulu contacts the commander and asks "Are you finished?" The commander came very close to flat out apologizing for the mistake. Sulu's response to the commander asking him who he was caps off the amusement.
    Captain Sulu: I'm Captain Hikaru Sulu of the United Federation of Planets starship, USS Excelsior. I would appreciate it if you would not fire on my ship again. Is that clear?

  • One part funny, one part heartwarming, when a general is briefing EA President Levy. He’s able to give her some good news, in that they are able to upgrade older ships to be effective against the Minbari. But then he gives a nonsequitor about hoping the military won’t get sick of chicken salad. It turns out that the Federation is supplying early food replication technology, but it’s really only at the level of making an analogue to tofu, spiked with necessary vitamins and such, but really can only be disguised as chicken. The president gives a small laugh, and the general is glad he was able to give her something to laugh at.

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