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  • Parvaneh and Ove bonding over Patrik's poor practical skills.
  • "Ove considered throwing one of his clogs at it. The cat looked like it cursed the fact that it had no clogs to throw back."
  • Ove and Rune have essentially the same temprement, and soon becomes close friends. The only problem for Ove: that Rune drives a Volvo
  • Similarly, while Ove and Sonja's father eventually bond over his truck, Ove initially puts his foot in his mouth by trying to compliment his father in law for having a truck made by Saab. It was made by Scania, which had been bought by Saab. For Ove this made it an honourable Saab, but for Sonja's father it just meant Saab was trying to pry in on his beloved brand. They manage to make it work, mostly for Sonja's sake, but it's clear neither man can fully accept the discrepancy.
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  • The description of the cat looking at the bottle of pills Ove intended to kill himself with, as if the cat was thinking "j'accuse".
  • Ove on people who drive Audi: "Four zeros on the grill and a fifth behind the wheel."
  • "Ove didn't answer. Parvaneh shook him, as if she were trying to shake down coconuts from him."
  • When Parvaneh is practice driving she bumps the car ahead of her. Ove cheerfully says she did a great job. When she points out she bumped another car he doesn't understand why that should be a problem, since the car in question was a Volvo.
  • The conversation that follows upon Ove seeing Mirsad wear eye-shadow.
    Ove: Are you one of those gay persons?
    Parvaneh: *outraged* Ove!
    Ove: Well, are you?
    Mirsad: *pause* Yes. I am one of those... gay persons.
    Ove: Alright then. *to Parvaneh* What are you arguing about?
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  • Ove and Parvaneh's and Patrik's older child form a bond, partially based on her not sharing Patrik's taste in video games. And although Ove does not care for video games, he agrees with disagreeing with Patrik. Also, he instinctively agrees with her preferring an older game over a newer. When he gets a birthday invitation from her, the following exchange takes place:
    Seven year old: "You don't have to buy anything. There's only one thing I want anyway."
    Ove: "Yes?"
    Seven year old: "Mom says it's too expensive anyway, so it doesn't matter."
    Ove nods knowingly, like a criminal who just gave a sign to another criminal that the phone they talk over is wire tapped. Both he and the girl look around to make sure her parents are not listening. Ove leans forward and the girl whispers to him.
    Seven year old: "An Ipad"
    This leads to the opening chapter of Ove trying to buy an "Ajjpadd", much to the chagrin of the sales person.

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