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Heartwarming / A Man Called Ove

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  • The children calling Ove "morfar" (the Swedish word for your maternal grandfather).
  • Ove having listed Parvaneh as next of kin.
  • The girls' drawings hanging on Ove's wall - framed.
  • Ove fixing the bike for Adrian to help him impress his crush.
  • "People said Ove saw the world in black and white. But she was color. All the color he had."
    • Nasanin draws a lot of pictures of Ove, oftentimes with other people in the picture as well - but they are always in black and white, and Ove is always drawn in colour.
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  • This conversation:
    Ove: Nothing existed before Sonja. And nothing exists after.
    Parvaneh: I exist.
  • The gradual reveal just how much Sonja meant for her students.
  • Basically any time in the flashbacks Ove expresses affection for Sonja through practicalities.
    On learning that she is pregnant: 'Then we need a station wagon.'
    In the movie, when they move into the house and he slowly realises just how many books she has: *Looks around the room* 'I will build another book case'

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