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  • It was already pretty funny in film that that Hans's first act on arrival in Arendelle is to end up on top of the princess in a rowboat. Naturally, it would be embarrassing for Hans to be caught in a seriously compromising position with the Princess of Arendelle, and he's briefly under the impression this could be taken very badly. Fortunately for him, Anna sees the funny side. It's funnier in A Frozen Heart, because Hans thinks it's Queen Elsa that he just bumped into.
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  • And while wondering why Elsa never left the castle, Hans thinks that she might be bald, have a habit of collecting rocks or be eight feet tall.
  • Hans and his party run into Oaken while searching for Anna. Hans' initial thoughts are that Oaken has terrible taste in sweaters. And then when Hans tries to interrogate Oaken for info, Oaken manages to nonchalantly sell him a book and then asks if he wants it in a bag while casually rambling out hints to Anna's location, to Hans's immense frustration.
  • Lars' avid interest in the Southern Isles' history. While others in the royal family found his peculiar interest annoying, Hans is the only one to find it quite interesting. Oftentimes, Lars would delve in a specific period of time, only to slowly lose track of time and place. More than once, Hans would secretly leave while Lars would ramble on, making sure his brother won't notice his absence.
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  • The last chapter mentions that after they reunited in the end, Anna and Elsa tried to steal sweets from the kitchen, as they had when they were kids, and got caught.

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