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Fridge Brilliance

  • After Morgan talks about a book he read saying that when people die, they see the white light of heaven, Wyatt quips, "What about Hell? They got a sign or something?" Seems just flippant, but Wyatt was well educated, and his best friend is the Latin-speaking Doc Holliday, making this less of a quip and more of an allusion — according to Dante's Inferno, it in fact does: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."
  • Faro was notorious for being fixed. The deck box was almost always rigged, and the dealer could control the results when he desired. Wyatt is heavily implied to do this twice:
    • The first time is when some jovial gambler places a large bet and Wyatt playfully warns him against it. The fool proceeds anyway — Wyatt probably forced a loss to get that massive stake.
    • The second time is when Curly Bill plays, and wins big (enough to buy drinks for a crowded saloon). Wyatt likely let him win to defuse the situation when Ike was provoking him.

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