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  • Fridge Logic:
    • How did the professor's note or the glasses even show up for the explorers at all?
    If they are digitized and sent to a parallel universe that is exactly as our universe was at that time in history just existing again at the current time, but not the SAME universe as our past, just existing in parallel with the "real" universe concurrently. Still with me? Anyway, if it's not our past, just a parallel "copy" of it, how can it have a cause effect such that his artifacts can be found?
    • Because time travelers from a different parallel universe traveled to the past of the first universe and left the glasses.
    • It was explained at the end of the book that the "parallel universe" explanation was BS. It really IS time travel and they have no idea how it works or if they are actually changing the past.

    • YMMV, but Andre could be My Own Grandpa.
    • The entire plot is kicked off by an event that the later story shows can't have happened. Machines only transit back to the transit room. The old guy cannot have ended up wandering in the desert which was what kicked off the entire plot. The travel machines themselves also don't work nearly as the characters state they do. They're explicitly not time travel but alternate realities. So the glasses and note cannot have been found. Did anyone actually test these damn machines?
      • See above. It was time travel (they simply lied) and they don't know how it works.

  • Fridge Horror:
    • As I understood it, the scientists aren't exactly certain how the return time travel process works, only that it does work. Basically they aren't sure how the device can lock on to the same person that was sent to the alternate reality, only that it brings back the right person from somewhere. The implication is that the device isn't bringing back the actual traveler, but an alternate traveler that is Close Enough. Or worse it could just be stealing mass/body structure from closely related alternate realities.
      • Also the scientists in the present need huge safeguards for materialization in the present. They aren't at the tech level required for sending people back in time without something to catch them, so the people who are disintegrated are either being reassembled in the past by technology from a neighboring timeline that is somehow picking up the slack, or the originals cease to exist leaving those from a Close-Enough Timeline to take their place.