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Fridge / The Salvation War

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  • Charmeine comments about Lemuel: "Angels like that can't resist a bird with broken wings." Maion's wings are later shattered in the prison camp... Lemuel takes her to earth to save her since he loves her.
    • The Angels who are rescued from Belial's camp in Pantheocide are taken to a hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Bethesda, of course, was named after the Biblical "Pool of Bethesda", which was said to have healing properties. Shown Their Work, indeed.
      • Even better: the pool at Bethesda was supposed to heal you when the water spontaneously moved, because an angel had just passed by.
  • An electric eel is capable of producing massive electric charges due to eighty percent of its body being an electrocyte composed tail. The best electricity producing demons are the nagas, who likewise have enormous tails.

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