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  • A leader of the burgeoning resistance of dead souls within Hell learns that kitten, the person who's been keeping the portals open for them to get supplies, is a transexual. At first he's disgusted, but quickly realizes how much she's done for him while suffering extraordinary pain every time she opens a portal. Eventually he completely overcomes the prejudice he was raised with to regard her as a valuable member of the team. When he finally meets her face-to-face, he gives her a hug.
    • At one point, one possible sensitive was being a jerk and insulted kitten. The soldiers who were in the room did not take kindly to that and the moment them and the jerk were out of sight he got a lesson in good manners.
    • Another moment goes for almost every single appearance of kitten's boyfriend. She's a masochistic goth, her boyfriend is also her Dom, and their first appearance is of her collared and him holding her by a leash. Yet, he is always kind and supportive of kitten, and the first time he doesn't keep a respectful low profile is when he's ready to teach the jerk of the above example some manners, command structure be damned. At that point, kitten is the one who calms him.
  • The angel of death Uriel attempted to lay waste to Eucalyptus Hills, California — even through the defenses (read: tinfoil covering houses) his power to kill managed to penetrate, but by force of will and love for one another the people inside held out long enough for the U.S. Navy to come through. It's especially poignant due this being shown through the eyes of a human resident and her dog: Her dog watched her carefully, he could sense there was danger even if he couldn't define it. But, his human was doing something about it and that was good. If the worst came to the worst, Rex knew he could bite with a pressure of more than 350 pounds per square inch and if the danger wanted to get to his human, it would have to get past him first.
    • Two words: Good boy ... and immediately made a Funny Moment by the loving woman giving him a big steak as treat with the dog monologueing how he'd much rather like that piece of lamb, in the end settling for the steak and stealing that lamb whenever his human forgets to close the refrigator next time ... good boy indeed!
    • In preparation for another Uriel attack, pet store employees are trying to save the animals but find themselves understaffed. A bunch of tough bouncers help them escape.
  • In a weird way, Abigor's surrender is heartwarming — at least, because his last surviving veterans, his mates, and his kidlings don't have to die for the (arguably) inevitable and unavoidable mistakes he made in his invasion of Earth.
  • There's also the scene where a daemon mother, assuming that only harm can come from the humans from Earth invading Hell, hides her kidlings and begs US forces to kill her but spare her children, but they instead are perfectly happy to spare the whole family and even feed her children for good measure.
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  • After Robert E. Lee overhears his instructor in 21st-century warfare evaluating him as dangerously incompetent for a combat command, he takes full responsibility for his failure to adapt and throws himself at the mercy of their commanding general David Petraeus, even praising his lower-ranked tutor — a female African-American captain, no less — as a fine officer and tutor with great skill and patience. Petraeus in turn offers him a desk job... but instead of "exile," it's administering a convalescent home for former American and Confederate soldiers who're either traumatized or feeling alone and unwanted in the 21st century:
    "To care for our veterans, soldiers from every era in our history." Lee was entranced by the idea. "Sir, I do not just wish it, I desire it with all my heart." "Then the position is yours. You may start tomorrow."
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  • Even Michael gets one when he's about to finally challenge Yahweh openly, accepting that he's definitely going to die if his plan fails before advising his allies of the best way to avoid Yahweh's reprisals if that happens. Then it gets better: those same allies ignore his advice and join the battle with him, just when Michael was about to give up.
  • Memnon, after him found himself working for the human forces in Armageddon?. After centuries of working for Demonic Lords who treated their minions like garbage, terrorizing and demeaning them and treating them doing a really good job at something on occasion as an excuse to punish them for being inconsistent, he finds that humans are far different. To his wonderment, the humans set reasonable standards of performance and are effusive in their praise when they are exceeded above and beyond the call of duty. Just the moment after a long mission flying to a target, when the undead soldiers insist he use their portal to return to base, saying his mission is done and it's only fair he get an easy way home, is enough to realize how wonderful it is to be appreciated.
  • Lemuel's descent to earth - which thus far had always meant almost guaranteed death to angels - with a broken (in more ways than one, literally as well as figuratively) Maion in his hands and the sole desire to rescue his beloved echoing in his mind. Only after the worst has passed, when his mind is once again capable of elevating itself above the levels of sorrow, fear and utter despair of losing her does the other point, the need to rescue the angelic host as a whole as best as "inhumanly" manageable strike home.
    • After their arrival, the humans take Maion under their care, and end up having to medevac her to a nearby hospital. Several of the Navy nurses who were working frantically to stabilize her jump on the pallet she's being carried on under a helicopter. A nearby officer acknowledges that it's dangerous and non-regulation: "Ever tried to stop a Navy nurse from looking after a patient?"
  • Jade Kim and Julius Caesar.
  • After the destruction of Satan's Palace, Satan returns to Dis and finds Belial weeping with despair and frantically organizing a search-and-rescue party among the ruins. Belial's motives are entirely self-serving, of course, but Satan seems genuinely touched by his actions.
  • Human-demon relationships after the war on Hell are solid, nice in and of itself as it shows the whole thing is pretty much water under the bridge. Demons have even joined up with human units in the military, and there are some nice scenes with one of them nicknamed 'Drippy' (his real name was too complex to pronounce), laughing and bragging with his human comrades as an equal.
  • Humanity's effort to save people from the Hell Pit. People who thought that the only thing that awaits them for the rest of eternity is torment and now other humans are coming to rescue them. The whole process will take decades but by the time humans are done everyone who was in the Pit will be rescued from there.

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