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Fridge Horror

  • In one episode of Sukisho, Sora and Sunao are given drugged tea and awaken alone in a dark, empty hospital. The kidnapping turns out to be the work of two family friends, who took them in for a non-consensual "examination" tied to the plot. While it's a Jerkass thing to do, the horrifying element comes later, when we learn that the boys were brutally experimented on as children in a hospital setting. The dreamlike moment Sora has on the gurney, where he sees Sunao being wheeled away and remembers a child screaming? It dawns that, good intentions or not, Ayano's little secret checkup was a pretty damn cruel stunt to pull, and could have seriously affected two already messed up kids.
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  • Sukisho is notable for having no women depicted at all within the anime. All relationships, pornography, and everything is male-oriented homosexual in nature. Raising the question, what happened to all of the girls?

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