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  • In the Distant Finale Manaka is jacked, surprising the other characters who hadn't seen him in years. Considering how many times he and the others have been physically assaulted, makes some sense he started exercising and put on some muscle as soon as he had the chance.
  • Many characters, including himself, have wondered why so many girls are after Junpei. When you think about it, it's kinda obvious: he's a Nice Guy who always does his best (even rebuilding the cinema club from scratch after finding out the old one has changed activities), helps his friends even to his own detriment and treats everyone with respect no matter what, and our heroines just happen to be extremely sensible to this kind of person (Tsukasa Nishino is a known beauty queen who is fed up with her usual suitors, Aya has always been treated as dirt by the boys until she had her makeover and Junpei was nice to her even before she changed looks, and Satsuki had finally found someone who she could be friend with that was not a pervert if not by accident and didn't treat her as a piece of meat). Even Misuzu, who did not fall for him and is critic of everything and everyone, had to admit her respect...

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