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Fridge / Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 04 E 04 Hippocratic Oath

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     Fridge Brilliance 
  • At first it seems surprising that O'Brien didn't grasp the strategic significance of what Bashir was trying to do. After all, freeing the Jem'Hadar from their addiction actually helps severely cripple the Dominion. With the Jem'Hadar free of their addiction, they can no longer be directed by the Vorta or Changelings, so the Dominion suddenly has to engineer replacements. Even if the Jem'Hadar become a rogue rampaging army, their quick metabolism will ensure that they will die out quickly, and they cannot replenish their losses since they have no natural way to reproduce. Furthermore, that rampaging army might even keep the Dominion tied up in the Gamma quadrant for quite some time. So why couldn't a senior noncom see that? It is because O'Brien isn't an officer, he is just a senior enlisted man. He is the Everyman Audience Surrogate. He is basically just an Average Joe trying to get by, make it through the day and get back to his Keiko and Molly. He doesn't want to consider galaxy shaping strategic possibilities, he just wants to survive to make it back to his family. He is basically Al Bundy or Frye being asked to act like The Kirk. Of course he is going to refuse the call.

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