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Fridge Horror

  • If Galen goes to see Constance on Solstice, he can hear her relate her backstory as she hallucinates. The language she uses suggests that she was taken out of her village and "contracted" for prostitution as a child.
    • In the same event, Constance may say this: "The metal tree must be chopped down before it grows seed and turns into a forest." Considering how many secrets of the City she was privy to, it may suggest that the Merchants and/or the Faculty and the Academy planned on expanding the City's territory somehow.
  • At one point, Yani may get Istvan to tell her that every beautiful woman - "Constance, Slava, even Laura" - can come into and leave the Families' quarters without permission. Yeesh. Granted, it also marks him as an extreme case of Too Dumb to Live.
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  • We never do learn what happened to the previous doctor and the previous inn owner. We do, however, learn what happened to Sarn, which gives us a pretty good guess.
  • In the bathhouse, Yani may learn of the extremely bloodthirsty way Istvan exterminated the entire family of the person who poisoned his brother. The worst part? All of them were innocent. Of this crime, at any rate.
  • At least according to some characters, the waters may be haunted by all the suffering the natives of the place experienced. In some variations of the final confrontation, Galen suspects that whoever is in the waters has possessed Constance. Granted, she brushes his suggestion off with a snark, but it may very well be true. The poor woman didn't even get to keep her own mind to herself.