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Fridge Horror

  • Fung says that Sing could accidentally kick the ball into an overhead airplane if he's not careful. This isn't a random exaggeration when Sing displays just how strong his kicks are. It gets worse if you know that Hongkong's airport is famously close to its residential areas, making low flying aircraft a common occurrence.
  • In the finals, Team Evil's brutal playing style gives Team Shaolin a hard time, and even horribly injures two of the players. Team Shaolin still manages to win with Mui's help, but given how much they struggled against them, what would've happened if Team Moustache/DRAGon had won the semi-finals and had to compete against them?
    • Though, it might not have been as bad, as Team Evil was playing and cheating particularly to hurt Team Shaolin, due to their coaches' rivalry.

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