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Fridge / Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing

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Surprisingly Good Russian: In episode 12, Millia translates the parts Gisey needs into Glacien for Dian. Dian then proceeds to bring increasingly large crates of parts for Gisey—totaling a larger volume than the ship itself. The reason for this is because Millia doesn't know how to translate the part names accurately, so Dian ends up bringing a lot of similar parts just to be sure.

  • The fact that the Russian spoken by the Glaciens has an odd pronunciation could be explained as the language evolving. Actually, it's odder that after all this time this would be the only change to the language.
    • Well, Russian is a slowly evolving language, if you compare it to, say, English. However, this toper suspects that it can actually be a particularly odd case of Translation Convention.

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